Monday, March 9, 2009

Last weeks Extension.

Last week on Thursday we were writing on our blogs all about our extension. First we had to look at some photos of lots of restaurants around the area.We chose an Indian Kamai restaurant. But Angela didn't like it and it  wasn't on the computer.So we decided  to choose Burger King. It was a fun day. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yesterdays extension

Yesterday was my first day at extension.We had to have partners.My partners was Angela and Erene.We had to find out what people in the extension group liked most.We had a big piece of  paper to write down everyone's names on it. After our we went around and got everyone's  favourite the most common thing that people liked to eat was Burger king.A close second was K.F.C.MMM It was making me hungry already.The most favourite dessert was Ice-cream sunday.
We had to do a telly chart.Mrs Tele'a told us someone from our group had to report back what we have learnt.Erene was chosen to do it.I have learnt that people like eating sweets more than healthy food.We should start eating a healthy breakfast,lunch and dinner.