Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Angela My best friend EVER.

Today we are going to talk about my best friend Angela. The thing I like about Angela is that she makes me laugh all the time. She is so cool because on tuesday 26th of may she spent all her time looking for the dinosaur I was doing a project on. Whenever she is lonely on the couch she asks me if I can go on with her. She is good at lots of things like:Swimming and throwing and also at being a clown to me. The first thing I am going to talk about is how she swims. She is a fantastic swimmer. Even though I am not good at swimming Angela still cheers me on because she has faith in me. I definetly know Angela is a good thrower. In athletics We entered Softball & Shotput. In both you guessed it I didn't come in any place,But Angela came 2nd in softball and 2nd equal in shotput. Don't you think that is amazing?Last but not least is her personality. I like her personality because she is kind, funny and interesting.She makes me laugh all the time I am feeling sad.Even though sometimes she is mean to me she will always be my bestest friend ever.


Thanks to the class photos in room 15.
Thank you to Miss Squires for taking this photo for me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The surprising Immersion Assembly.

On the first day of term 2 i was so excited about the immersion assembly. The bell rang so I rushed to the door at class getting ready to go to the hall for the immersion assembly.The class walked silently to the hall. We got into the hall and I looked at the projector and saw the title Dino-might.Mr Jacobson said we had to wait for Mr Burt to come, Suddenly we heard someone laughing quite strangely.The man came into the hall and to my surprise it was Mr Burt dressed in an outfit that looked like a caveman outfit.He said he was looking for his lunch and he said he was looking for some sort of dinosaur named hipsolophodon.He picked two people to be hipsolophodons and they were Feki & Tyler .R. He had a big weapon called a bombyknocker. Later on Team 1 took the stage. They had a made a movie about the whole team in the prehistoric times. Then they came up and held up 5 pieces of paper saying"We are not extinct(yet).

Next it was team 2's turn.They did a rap about all the dinosaurs.They were dressed in rapping clothes.Their rap had a cool beat it was really catchy.
It was team 3's turn. and they were searching for bones like they were paleontologists.Our team, team four made a movie and the movie showed all the teachers in the library researching about dinosaurs but they fell asleep and they went back 60 million years ago back into the jungle and they saw lot's of dinosaurs and took photo's of them and they were scared. The soundtrack was awesome.Finally it was the e-learning teams turn.Mrs Burt was a paleontologist and she showed us her items that she was holding.They were massive!! Mrs Tele'a did a rap.The rap was about herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs.

My most favourite part of that day was hearing Mrs Tele'a rap. That was so cool and the beat was the pussycat dolls song called don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me.