Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The flag that you can see above belongs to France. You might be wondering: What do the colours on the flag mean? Well the blue represents the influence that France has over other countries. White shows the peace and purity that France has. The red shows the bloodshed that must be lost when you are fighting for honour for your country.Bold

This wasn't the only design of the flag of France? There were many designs and ideas, and the flag's meanings changed endlessly until 1794 when this flag (And it's meanings) were made the official flag of France!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Around the field in 1 hour!!!

While the sun was beaming down on us, we were making our way down to the bottom field. Why, you may ask? Well our fabulous teachers had set up an AWESOME activity day where there are 4 game sections. Each section is run by a teacher and every 15 minutes we rotate to the next activity.

“SPLASH” Went the water as we dropped it into the dirty, but refreshing water. I watched as the sponge absorbed the water slowly. “GO” Mrs Nua shouted, My team seemed to still be asleep when the rest of the class heard her. “BROOKE HURRY UP!!” I screamed frantically, As if I was her mother, She rushed for the sponge. Around, Under, Around, Under, It seemed as if the sponge was travelling at 100 miles per hour. The thing I worried about the most was teamwork. This team I was in had 1 person I worked with perfectly, The others...Not so much. The result of this was...Well let’s just say that we didn’t come first but we didn’t come last. Let’s just leave it at that.

"We're playing Ball Tiggy" announced Mrs Langitupu. Another co-perative game? This should be good. The WHOLE class was practically fighting for coloured bands...Literally! First off I was put in the Yellow team...I wasn't very happy, So when I spotted a lonely blue band, I ruched for it. YES!! O.k, You must be thinking" Why is she so happy to get a blue band? It's only a band, Well you're wrong I was happy because It's my favourite colour...O.K It's only a little reason, Can't blame me for being so ecstatic. O.K back to the game. The first opposition team was red. I stayed in the game for a while, So I started having thoughts " Maybe I might like this game..."TAG!!!". I spoke too soon.

By the time I got to Miss Titos’ Game I was exhausted, and the weather wasn’t helping much either. So the aim of Miss Titos’ game was to try and fling a ball from an elastic band, so It can drop into 1 of the hoops. I watched the other anxiously and awaited my turn. Quickly, I grabbed the lightest ball I could see. “ I stepped up to the elastic band, thinking about my stratergy...O.K I didn’t have a strategy, but I had a plan: JUST LET GO OF THE BALL. That plan was absolutely WORTHLESS?? My first try I dropped the ball, The second time I was determined to get it far but...It dropped. Giving up on the 2nd try I made my way to the end of the line. I finally clicked as I sat down: The ball liked me soooo much, it didn’t want to leave my side.

Mr Harris’s activity required great concentration. It was a 3 legged race. Me and my Partner Mino, waited at the starting line....”GO” shouted Mr Harris. We were leading by MILES until, “NOOOOO” Our ball fell. We remembered our Korero Champions never give up so we stood up, and made our way to the cones. “BAM” We fell right in the middle of the race. Since the lace was REEEALLLY tight on our legs, It looked like it was going to cut through our skin. I panicked so i tried to untie it...Big mistake! I tied it the wrong way so we sat there, the searing pain was unbearable. Then when we I thought I was about to die, Toreka untied our lace. We both Gave her a HUGE hug. I was so thankful that, the lace was off. Thank goodness.

At the end of the day I was in a GREAT mood. That was probably the best day of the week!!! We only spent 1 hour on the field but it felt like a whole day!!!There is an important thing I learnt today: Teamwork is an Important value in life!


This video here is a voice recording of me, reciting a mihi that I learnt off by heart. It took me about 3 weeks to learn this, and it was especially hard because the words were in Maori. 3 weeks ago I would've thought that learning this was impossible, but now it's as easy as taking a lollipop from a baby ( Not that I would do that!). So here is all my hard work in words!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maths Whizz

This photo is a screenshot of where I am on Maths Whizz. I am currently on the level labelled 'Measurements'. I am still trying to strive to get a decent amount of credits. At the moment I have 180 credits, and I can conclude 1 thing from that: I need to spend more time on Maths Whizz!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday Bash!!!

Suddenly the pillow hit Seini-Mino...WHO DID THAT??? she screamed. She was frantically waving her arms around. Falling into the plumpness of the chair,I broke into a fit of hysterical laughter, then suddenly I heard footsteps coming my way. I desperately shot up from the couch and started racing around the living room. It was pitch black and I was making my way around a dark living room. I dodged a pillow, jumped over a blanket, and finally I tripped over my own foot. That concluded the game of Blind man’s bluff. It was the 15th Of July and it was the night of Ala’s Birthday Party.

As we opened the pizza boxes, the aroma of Pineapple and bacon filled the air around me. I wasn’t waiting any longer. I stabbed my teeth into the pizza, and ripped a chunk of it out. The scrumptious tenderness of the pizza made me feel like I was in heaven. A greasy strip of cheese slithered down my throat like a slippery snake roaming around the Savannah. 5 minutes later my whole box was empty, Woops didn’t realise how hungry I was!

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and to the sight of the bright sun on the horizon. I lay still on the couch, just thinking and praying for a sunny day. Unlike my friends who excitedly bolted out of bed, I crawled slowly to my bag, barely awake. Reaching for my brush I whispered to myself “ Time to get ready for another great action-packed day at Rainbows End!”.

The fear fall sign was haunting me from a distance. Up, Up Up the fear fall went. My eyes were wide open with fear, staring out onto the horizon I kept repeating the phrase: “Everything is going to be fine”. I looked down nervously and saw my legs dangling over the edge of my seat. Staring down in horror, people walked around calmly while we were up here praying that we won’t die! I grasped the safety bars hoping it would bring me a little more sense of safety, but actually it made things worse. Glancing down at my hands, I just realised that they were actually red...AND SWEATY!!

“CLANK!” The horrid sound of us being released rang in my ears. As we were racing down, the gravity applied pressure to my cheeks, making them go up. Memories of my short, but rather interesting life flashed before me. Glancing at the ground I started saying me goodbyes...”Goodbye world, goodbye everyone... I felt us stop “Am I in Heaven?” I asked myself. Opening my eyes I realised I was still alive...Barely! I jumped off, My legs still quivering with fear, and I snatched my shoes off of the ground.

After a long day at Rainbows End, I was dropped off home. Racing inside, I dropped everything and fell face first onto my bed. “SELENA” Instantly I knew it was my mum’s voice. She told me off for just throwing my stuff on the ground, But I didn't really care. I was just grateful that I made it home in 1 piece...and even ALIVE!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Place, Our Team!

This presentation was made by a group I was in. This has Information about New Zealands' history and tourist attractions, But the whole point of this presentation is to show how much we support the All blacks and the Rugby World cup.