Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Animators Apprentice!

Animations. Most of us grew up watching them, like The Lion King trilogy, Pocahontas and Disney Fairy tales, but over the years these animations have grown more advanced. Have you heard of the rated cartoon named Bro Town? Well last week on Thursday we were lucky enough to get to meet three of the artists.

At the beginning of the lesson they introduced themselves as Ali, Maka and Nils. To start the lesson off, they showed us a presentation which educated us on a brief history of Animations. We learnt that Mickey Mouse was the first moving animation but with sound. After an educational talk about history, we learnt how to split lines. How do you do this? Well you have to draw a line down the middle of whatever you are trying to split.

After a session of splitting lines, we were going to learn how to make a Zoetrope. This is a contraption made out of cardboard to create an illusion that makes an object seem like it’s moving but it actually is just a couple of still frames of an image which goes from one state of movement to another. We all started with something easy: A jellyfish.  After decorating our Jellyfish, we finished the session off with the joy that we have made our first ever comic strip for a Zoetrope!


  1. Hi Selena

    What a great experience! Thanks for sharing. The movie was interesting to watch and it was fascinating to see how a Zoetrope worked. Well done on producing a great piece of writing.

  2. WOW! Selena,

    You guys are very lucky. I wish that I had the opportunity to attend this lesson with these artists. I hope to explore more of your opportunity that you have.



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