Monday, May 28, 2012


“This is the time most of you have been waiting for” Mr Burt announced proudly. The whole hall fell silent. My heart was racing, while I was secretly hoping I would go up. He held a piece of paper in his hand. “ I would just like to say how proud I am of these people”. Then he read out the first name of the first prefect: Selena Hafoka. I stood up and a loud thunder of people clapping filled my ears. I felt like crying to be honest. Walking down the aisle, my legs were wobbling. I was greeted by Mrs Nua’s kind eyes, when she handed me my badge. Creaking was the noise that I heard when I made my way up the stairs. As I stared into the crowd, I saw my friends, Toreka, Sylvia and Seini-Mino making their way here to join me. Boys were soon announced, and they were: Joshua, Miracle, samson and Joe.  I couldn't believe that I was standing here, with 7 other people that were like me and were announced as Prefects. We were all waiting for this moment, because a term had passed and we were eagerly awaiting for the results and see who would come out on top. Why had we waited so long? Well because the teachers were waiting for the leaders to emerge, and apparently we were the people who stood out and they thought that now was the time to let us know. 

The first few weeks of being Prefect felt normal until all these responsibilities came popping up out of the blue. We needed to plan activities for the school but we also had to keep on top of our school work too which is tough especially if you have to juggle all of these at the same time. I didn't expect this much work, but I also didn't expect to just sit around and wait for things to happen, so I like being Prefect because it's a challenge, and challenges make you a stronger person. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Comparing and Contrasting: Pablo Picasso and Daniella Hulme.

Room 21 have been expected to compare and contrast very famous artists: Pablo Picasso and Daniella Hulme .They  have two very different styles of art. Picasso’s style is Cubism, however Daniella has a different style named contemporary art which means modern day art.

Pablo Picasso is very famous for his art, because he focused different perspectives. His art style is very unique.  The artwork we are going to be focusing on today is named: The Weeping Women. This artwork is particularly fascinating because it looks jagged and edgy, almost like glass. It looks as if she is made purely out of a transparent substance.

Daniella Hulme is a dutch artist whose designs are based on Pacific Tapa cloth and etc . Her influence is her Samoan husband. The artwork of hers we are going to be focusing on today is called ‘A lazy day in paradise’. This artwork is distinctive because she uses bright colours. Looking at her painting I’ve noticed that she uses the same person in each painting.

Differences or similarities, let’s start with the similarities. Firstly they have a women in their paintings. Daniella’s painting you can tell it’s a women but Picasso, it’s kind of difficult to tell it’s a women. They also have used yellow in their painting.

Well there are numerous differences in these paintings. Picasso uses jagged and sharp edges, while Daniella uses smooth sides. Daniella uses island patterns, Picasso uses no island patterns otherwise. Even though they are very different, there is one thing that we can agree on: They have both made an impact on art history.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jennifer Hudson

The year 7 & 8 extension class was assigned to make a 2-3 minute movie about someone who they think is inspirational. The person I chose was Jennifer Hudson. I chose her because she was a very determined person. Over a two month period we did our research, we took pictures and we made movies. My movie is a mixture of photos, animations and news. It was fun to watch but you were also learning something too.

Overall I am proud of my finished product. I think I could've done a bit better but in the end it's the finished product that matters.

Sunflowers or La Musique?

Room 21 have been asked to compare and contrast two very different artists: Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse, They have two very different styles of art. Van Gogh for instance, His painting style is called Expressionism. But on the other hand Henri Matisse has a whole different style which is called Fauvism. Le Fauves means 'Wild Beast' in french. Si I'm going to be talking about these two wacky and weird artists.

Vincent Van Gogh has an interesting way of painting. His brush strokes are little but bold. As I said his painting style is Expressionism which means that the colours that he used represents how he felt at the time. Most of his paintings are dull because he had a depressing life. The painting we are going to be focusing on is his famous painting named 'Sunflowers'. The colours mostly used are bright colours, like yellow and orange. Some colours are dark like brown and black. The most dominant colour is probably yellow. The significant thing about his paintings is that his brush strokes made his paintings look like they are moving in a way.

Henri Matisse painted a painting called 'La Musique'. In this painting he has used a lot of vibrant colours. Why did he use a lot of vibrant colours? Well because he believed that colours had healing powers. Once he even put colourful paintings around an ill friend, so his friend could get well from their healing glow, and guess what?  He [The friend] actually got better. His colours actually made each other stand out. This is because he used contrasting colours.

The similarities between these two artists are slim but significant. To me, the things that they have in common are that both have plants in their paintings. Also in both paintings the most dominant colours are yet again, yellow, orange and a bit of red. They are also know around the world.

Their differences are very inevitable. Van Gogh used dull colours, Matisse used bright colours. Van Gogh had a depressing life, Matisse had a fairly good life. Van Gogh died at a young age, Matisse at an old colours. But even though these two artists are VERY different they both have one thing in common: they produced some of the most beautiful but expensive paintings in the world.