Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The end of the term is coming up, so to fill you in on everything here are some of my highlights.

Highlight 1:
My first highlight of term is talking to the famous Nike shoe designer D'Wayne Edwards. He told us his life story and he became part of the NIKE shoe cooperation. He talked about how people didn't believe in him , but that was kind of a good thing because that motivated him to keep on trying. the most interesting thing that I found out about him is how his garage is full with all of his shoes he has designed. I would like to say something to D'Wayne Edwards: Thank you for putting some time aside to talk to us and the rest of the ROW collaboration. It was a privilege talking to you.

Highlight 2:
Second , Camp Kindness. I would like to thank everyone who helped out with the food , watch us at night and organised the whole thing. The food was soo delicious and it really filled me up. I felt really safe when people helped stayed at night. I take it , you were absolutely tired. This week on Thursday are the camp awards, I will do a post about it on the first week of term. I loved everything about camp and I think I speak for everyone who was involved.

Highlight 3:
Lastly, I liked doing animations in class about history. We were learning about the treaty of Waitangi and what it was like before it was signed. We did three animations about the treaty of Waitangi. My favourite animation was the first one because it was the easiest.

My goal for next term is to read more and do more podcasts. This term I only had time to do one podcast. The next one I am doing is called Old Bones. The book I am currently reading is called Blackwater. It is a thriller and I am going do a podcast on that book as well so check out my blog in the second week of term two and you will see a podcast tab, click on that and it will take you to my podcasts and it will be there. I would tell you who I am going to be doing the podcast with , but it will spoil the surprise.

I think next terms topic is going to be about volcanoes and land. I think the name is going to be Land Ahoy.

The End.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


A Pukeko is a native New Zealand bird. Some of it's feathers at the back are a greenish glittery gloss ,which shines in the sun. The feathers at the front of a Pukeko is a deep iridescent blue. People don't know this, but there is a batch of white feathers hidden under the tail. When danger appears the feathers erupt from under the tail. This is a sign of warning to all the birds. The beak, legs and eyes are a bright scarlet.

Unlike any other native New Zealand bird the Pukeko can run really fast on land. This is because they have long, stringy legs. Flying is quite a difficulty for the Pukeko because they aren't use to flying, but a remarkable thing is , is that once a Pukeko flew 240 km from where it lived.

The Pukekos enemies are the Ferret, stoat and weasel. These animals are all from the same family, because they are all viscous little predators. Their skin colors are a golden brown. They all have little canes that stick out of their mouths. The surprising thing is , is that people are it's enemies too. People shoot pukekos during duck shooting season.

I think that people should stop shooting Pukekos and start respecting them as a native New Zealand bird.

My Animation

This animation is about what happened before the treaty was signed. It shows that a European man bought land , but what happened was a Maori person did not want to leave his land so...
(To find out what happened next watch my movie).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Amazing D'Wayne Edwards Video conference.

" Oh my gosh" I said to my friends. "We are really having a video conference with D'Wayne Edwards , the NIKE shoe DESIGNER". I was so excited, my heart was pumping so loudly I couldn't even hear myself think.

We were on live and there were 32 viewers. I was staring at the screen just waiting for him to come on stage. First Carol Anne said a introduction about what she does and how she made this collaboration. Just then everyone clapped and out he came.

He told us about what his specialty was and who he creates NIKE shoes for. He told us he created most of Michael Jordan's shoes and I thought that it was Amazing and guess what, he told us that his garage was full of NIKE shoes!!! The most remarkable thing is that he created the 2nd Air Jordan 2!!! I just couldn't believe it when he told us. He even told us that he created a high heel shoe.

When it was 4:30 we had to go home. To see what it was like I have a Video to show you how the Video conference went.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WOW Flickr page

" Selena's Paradise" it says.If you are saying to yourself " What is she talking about , well I will tell you what I am talking about. I am talking about my Flickr page. It tells you all about the things about me. It will contain my hobbies and things that are important to me and you might not know , you might find out something that you didn't know about me... . Well better not tell you the rest, so if you would like to find out more click on this hyper link. http://www.flickr.com/.

Friday, March 5, 2010

What a tragic artist Van Gogh was. Van Gogh's paintings were magnificent but he had a sad life story. No one appreciated his new type of artwork. He called himself a Impressionist. That is when someone paints what they are feeling. When he was a boy he didn't want to be a artist, he tried so many different jobs, but they didn't work out. The last job he tried out was to be a preacher like his father, but as usual he wasn't fascinated.

Then he decided that he wanted to be an artist. So his first painting had a table with 5-6 people who were poor and they only had 4 potatoes to eat. Then after a while he moved to Paris and stayed there with his brother Theo. A couple of years later he moved to Arles. He stayed there with his old friend called Paul Gaugin.

One day they had such a bad argument that Van Gough cut his ear off!! His last ever painting was called Crows in the Wheat field, then when he finished it he shot himself.
This is the painting I done of his most popular painting called Starry night.