Monday, June 8, 2009

All about my family.


My name is Selena and today I am going to talk about my family.

First I am going to talk about my Mum. Her name is Flora. I love my Mum because when I am sad she always cheers me up. I respect her because she had to move from house to house so she could have enough rooms for all of her children. She has five children and she had to look after them. The thing I love about her the most is that she is hard working . She works 3 or 4 hours a day.

Second I am going to talk about my one and only sister. Her name is Patrice Fa'ulua. I love my sister because whenever I have girl business she is always there for me to talk too. I also like her because she let me name her baby. Her baby's name is Dereon Phoenix Joseph Thomas. My sister's most great talent is cooking.

My nephew Dereon is cute and chubby. I love him because he smiles at me and talks to me in baby language.

Now I am going to talk about my youngest brother. His name is Leka Fa'ulua. I sometimes feel sorry for my little brother when he is crying because someone made him cry I sometimes go angry but sometimes I just stay with him. I think he looks cute when he is sad.

Now is my second oldest brother. His name is Samuel Fa'ulua. He is my closest brother. We kind of like the same stuff. We both like sports and we both like to play rugby in the afternoon. But that is a family sport. I like him because whenever he goes in to town he takes me with him.

Now my last brother is the second oldest out of all of the children in my family. His name is Mone Fa'ulua. He is silent just like me. He doesn't talk that much only to family members. I love him because whenever I am hurt he comes up to me he says:" Lena are you alright '' and I say ''Yeah I am alright ''.

Now it is is my nana's turn. My nana does a lot of stuff to help people. She doesn't do it for
money, she does it for free. She tries to make medicine to help people to get better, and she massages
people and helps them get better.

Last but not least is my papa's turn. I love my papa because he tries to speak English everyday
and whenever he comes back from church he sings a tune from a church song.

Well that is all of my family I am going to talk about today.

Well bye for now.