Friday, April 27, 2012


Music and Arts Glen Innes Centre, or MAGIC. The Auckland council held a competition. The competition was for anyone in Glen Innes to send in a 3 minute movie explaining why WE wanted a Music and Arts centre in G.I. The students of Room 21 spent 2 weeks making a movie that explained just that. We even made a rap to go with the movie. After we were proud of our final product we sent our movie in, and waited 3 excruciating weeks to find out if we had won and funnily enough we did. Two of the board members, Josephine and Alan came and awarded 8 of the main people a certificate and a few vouchers to honor us for working so hard on our movie. This is the certificate that was awarded to me.

Toreka's 12th Birthday Part 1

Staring up at the sign, I read it aloud. It read ‘Happy Days!’. Walking in with Toreka and Ray (Her Dad), I saw an arcade on 1 side and a restaurant on the other. Walking into the restaurant the aroma of delicious pancakes and mouthwatering meatballs filled my nostrils, “I can’t wait to dig in” I thought to myself.

Walking into the food area, my eyes lit up as I saw all of my options. There was a endless table of food. Pancakes, yogurt, apricots and much ,much more. I dashed straight to the pancakes snatched the tongs and chucked 3 pancakes on my plate. As I smeared the Golden Syrup onto my pancakes, it trickled down the pancakes. Grabbing the butter, I walked over to the meatballs. Putting the meatballs onto my plate it went splat! Since my plate was full I started walking over to my table.

Applying a dollop of butter onto my mountain of pancakes, my mouth was watering. The meatball sauce stained these golden beauties but i didn’t care, I still demolished those pancakes in an instant. Due to all of the food, I was really thirsty. Running to the water cooler, I gulped down a whole glass of juice in 1 go. Feeling the cold juice running down my throat. After that we had to leave.

“Thank you” Toreka and I said. “Ring, ring” rang the doorbell as we departed the premises. In my mind, I thought that, that was the end of the day, but little did I know...

To be continued...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Me, Myself and I!!

This is a short look into my life. This video shows what is important in my life and the things around me. This was pretty easy to make but the hard bit was to memorise a whole mihimihi and recite it in front of the Maori!! This is the movie that goes with that mihi, So hope you enjoy a little sneak peek into MY life!