Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cemetery blues

'' Sniff Sniff ". We had arrived at the Graveyard. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. The sky was in dark, grey clouds , it had been spitting. The gloomy weather had made me feel really depressed. My stomach was lurching , contributing to the feeling I had about being at a Graveyard.

" Squelch Squelch ". I could feel and hear the mud squelching in between my toes , as I looked at the graves. Some were covered in flowers and toys and some had huge tombstones. I looked across the cemetery towards my Nana' s grave , and realised I wasn't the only one that was feeling emotions like sadness and loneliness.

As I was fixing the flowers on her grave , I could hear my Mum whispering a little prayer and crying at the same time. In my mind memories of my grandmother kept repeating over and over again. Then tears began rolling down my cheeks ,like a rushing waterfall. It felt like my heart was going to stop, that is how painful it was. It was hard having someone in your family pass away.

After a while we had to leave. Then later on something strange happened. The dark, grey clouds parted and revealed some sunshine, but the weird thing was that it was spitting as well. My Mum said that my Nana might be looking down on us and smiling and crying at the same time.

As we drove away from the cemetery, her Grave was growing distant. I felt pain on the outside , , but in my heart I know she is happy and out of pain.