Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My best friend EVER Mubasshira

Astonishing, smart what other good qualities does a good friend need. Well I'll tell you what they need, they need to be as good as my best friend Mubasshira.  She is encouraging when I do not think I am going make it.  She tries to make me happy when I am sad.  She can tell that I am sad because I have a sad face. I don't know what else a good friend needs. I've got loads of other friends but for the record she is in the lead of the friend chart. If you really like my post you should see Mubasshira's blog. The blog address is http://pesmubasshiram.blogspot.com/  . Thank you for coming to my blog. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shopping holidays

Can you guess what occasion this is with all the information. Good Luck. 

 'We're going shopping Selena "screamed my sister while I was asleep.  "What" I screamed back".
''Shopping'' she answered. " Now go get ready I don't want you to go to Sylvia park like that.
As I dressed up I was thinking about what to buy. I walked downstairs in a yellow short dress with tights underneath. I was so cold so I grabbed  a warm coat and walked into the car. My sister walked out of the house like a princess.

''WOW'' I exclaimed as I walked into Sylvia Park. There were so many people running around the store like Sylvia park was just about to close down.  Me and my sister just walked through the crowd slowly.  The place I wanted to go to most was the Warehouse, But we had to go to jay jays.
I bought 2 T- shirts and 1 pair of skinny jeans. My sister got 3 T- shirts and 2 jeans.

''Warehouse here we come" I thought to myself as we made our way to the biggest ,red shop in the world.  I raced inside the shop and started looking at the Cd's. It was so hard to pick only one CD but since my sister felt so generous she said I could get 4.  So at the end of the day I got two Michael Jackson Cd's  a reggae Cd and a Hip Hop CD.

Did you guess what occasion It was?
Yes it was my Sisters Birthday.