Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Co-operative game

Last week on Friday we were playing a co-operative game.There were five (5) teams.I was in the second team.Angela was the team captain.The aim of the game was to get all of your team to the other side of the hall only using three(3) pieces of cardboard.In my team was Casey, Angela,
Aidan,Tonga and Matthew .T.But on our first try we had newspaper kept ripping.It looked like trash.Miss Alan had to run back to class and get cardboard.The first people to go on were Casey and me.Matthew didn't want to join in .Everyone was shouting and screaming.I nearly fell off but lucky Casey held on to my T-shirt.I was Struggling.Angela was holding on to me.I felt like we were sailing on a ship to another Island.We were trying our best.I felt sorry for Matthew.The winning team was Ala's team.We had to copy their strategy.It worked perfectly for us.We came second in that race.That game was fun.I wish we could play it again someday.The End.


  1. WOW!! Selena it sounds like you had a great time.

    Did you have a great time playing that game.

  2. You are getting lots of posting done Selena. Perhaps you could try and add some photos or movies and your animation.

  3. Hey Selena

    That was a very nice story.
    I liked that story my favorite part of it was when you said I felt like we were sailing on a ship to another Island.That was My great bit.
    Bye for now.



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