Monday, December 20, 2010

Ambassador -Television

In 2010 I have been an ambassador for Pt England School. My role has been to talk about my learning to hundreds of visitors who have come to our school from all over the country and around the world.

This video shows you what I had to say about how Television and other screens help us learn.

This is the transcript of my presentation:

"One of the ways we share our learning at Pt England School is through television. Mr Burt set this up in 1996, so you can work out that we have been doing this for a long time now - fourteen years in fact!

The Pt England News network goes to air 4 days a week and each episode is about 10 minutes long. We remind the school about the events of the day, the UV rating and what has been happening in sport around Pt England, New Zealand and the World!

But most importantly, every day a class gets to tell the whole school about what they have been learning. Every class is timetabled to have the opportunity at least once a term to make a movie for PENN about the learning going on in the class. This is given to the PENN production team so they can include it in the programme for the day. Because of this, every student at Pt England has the chance to be on PENN at least once a term.

The Production team for PENN is managed by Mrs Tele'a. Behind the scenes she has a small team of Year 7 students who produce the show each day. They will tell you more about what they do if you visit the elearning Centre. She also has a small camera crew of Year 6 students who film the content.

In front of the camera there is a larger group of Year 5 and 6 students who anchor the show. These presenters are timetabled on for a week at a time.
The entire crew has to be at school at 8 oclock in the morning so we can get PENN recorded and edited by the time school starts at ten to nine.

In 2001 Mr Burt had the great idea of sharing our learning with our community via public television and so schoolTV was born. At 5.45 every Wednesday our whanau can sit back in their own comfortable chairs at home and watch the highlights of the week from PENN. Mrs Tele'a produces and edits this show before it goes to air on Triangle Television.
This is an Auckland based channel, but if you have FreeView you can see it anywhere in New Zealand.

We also enjoy creating movies for the big screen. We have film festivals, multi media productions and other events where we can create special movies that showcase our technical and acting talents as well as our learning.

And you may have noticed in our foyer that we share our learning on a different type of screen again. This is Campus Channel where we can upload our television content over the internet and add up-to-date messages for everyone to read using a feed from Twitter.

I think that publishing on all these different types of screens helps us learn how to be confident."
Minister Heatley speaking to us after we gave our presentation.

Minister of Housing, Phil Heatley, was one of the people we presented to this year.