Monday, December 7, 2009

The amazing Year 5 picnic.

MMMMMM" I whispered. My tummy was grumbling. I could just feel the scrumptious and divine taste melting in my mouth. I couldn't wait for the picnic to start , in fact I was so excited I was jittery and jumpy. "Let's go" said Ms Squires.

One, Two , Three...Vanila was numbering us off for the first game. It was Midnight. "ONES" Vanila shouted. I stood up and ran with all of my speed. My heart was pounding and my legs were pumping. "Almost there'' I thought to myself, but it was too late someone had already touched the ball. ''Oh well, there is always next time'' I said to myself. I was waiting patiently for my turn and then Vanila called my number out again. My fellow competitors rushed before me and I knew it had to take a miracle to win this one, but too bad that miracle that I had wished for didn't happen.I was nearly in contact with the ball but Havea touched the ball before me. "Oh bummer" I complained. " Time to switch games" I heard the teacher say so I rushed and sat in a line.

" Munch Munch Munch" I was munching on Seini- Mino's sweet Chop suey. It was so delicious it was like I was addicted to her food. I gathered anything that I could eat and I placed it on my plate. I started stuffing my face with Mubasshira's chocolaty brownies. The chocolate just burst in my mouth with flavour. The cream puffs looked like clouds squashed between two pieces of delicious bread. Angela's pickets were so delicious that I nearly went up to heaven taking the whole platter with me. Toreka's sticky rice was so sticky that the rice and caramel nearly stuck to my teeth, but it was also delicious because of the caramel.

My favourite part of the whole day was eating because I was so hungry after all of the energetic running and cheering when we played touch and Midnight. My favourite meal of the day was the whole groups meals instead of mine. I've kind of got a really big sweet tooth and I love to have chocolate anytime , but I've eaten enough for today.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazing sushi experience.

This term at Pt England primary our focus is on different kinds of food. This recount is about the day that we,room 15 made sushi. It was an awesome day. My best part of the day was when we rolled the sushi and ate it. My sushi was Instead of spoiling the surprise why shouldn't I show you. Hope you enjoy my movie!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The 21st birthday

" Yay" I exclaimed. It was my cousins 21st birthday. We had to get ready and get our make up done. I stared at the key that we were going to give to her. It really looked beautiful because it had her picture in it. It had engraved on it: To my beautiful daughter

We were at the restaurant  and it was full. It looked like it was like a concert. I went and sat down on the table while everyone was playing. I just looked at the birthday cake it was so huge. It was like a tower. Everyone started gathering around the table & the cake. The prayer was my aunty and she prayed in a different language and the language was Cook Island.

"Time to blow out the candles" I whispered. Instead of my cousin blowing out the candles, I got to blow out the candles. It was an honour . I blew out the candles and everyone cheered.  My cousin cut the cake and we ate together. Munch Munch. 

It was the end of the day and I was so full.
It was so cool. I cant wait for My 21st birthday.

Athletics day.

" Oh No'' I said to myself." Today is Athletics and I am so scared". "Could this day get any worse?"
I shouldn't have said that. My friend came running up to me huffing and puffing. " We are versing the 11 year olds!"she exclaimed Why oh why was this happening to me. 

Everyone had to get their face painted. On my face I got a T because i am in Tainui (Blue).  The paint on my face felt gooey.  It felt like chocolate had melted on my face.  "Why oh why did athletics have to be today" I said depressed.

" Shotput first" I heard someone shout out.  "Oh no why did we have to do shotput first, I know I have a weak arm.  "Here we are , at our first activity for the day". The first person went up. "Bang the ball dropped on the ground. It was a really  good throw.  My turn kept on creeping closer and closer. "Your up Selena " said Miss Tito. "1 2 3 throw!". The ball went flying like a bird , I didn't come anything because It wasn't far enough. 

"Hooray we are doing high jump" I screamed nervously. The turns were zooming by like a rocket ship. It was my turn. I ran as fast as a cheetah and flew over like a airplane going in for landing.  "Woohoo  I made it over the pole". I can't believe that you can accomplish stuff if you believe in yourself.  Later on I found out that I came 3rd equal. 

The last event was the relays ( My favourite part of the whole day).  It was the children against the parents and teachers.  The most coolest thing about this was that my mum was in the parents team and I was versing her. When my partner came and gave me our blue baton I let out a burst of speed and was in the lead.  My heart was pounding like it was going to pop out of my chest.  At the end of the day I went home with my family who were there to support me, and on the way back home I bought me an Ice-cream.  

My highlight of the day were the relays because it was fun. I can't wait until next years athletics. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My best friend EVER Mubasshira

Astonishing, smart what other good qualities does a good friend need. Well I'll tell you what they need, they need to be as good as my best friend Mubasshira.  She is encouraging when I do not think I am going make it.  She tries to make me happy when I am sad.  She can tell that I am sad because I have a sad face. I don't know what else a good friend needs. I've got loads of other friends but for the record she is in the lead of the friend chart. If you really like my post you should see Mubasshira's blog. The blog address is  . Thank you for coming to my blog. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shopping holidays

Can you guess what occasion this is with all the information. Good Luck. 

 'We're going shopping Selena "screamed my sister while I was asleep.  "What" I screamed back".
''Shopping'' she answered. " Now go get ready I don't want you to go to Sylvia park like that.
As I dressed up I was thinking about what to buy. I walked downstairs in a yellow short dress with tights underneath. I was so cold so I grabbed  a warm coat and walked into the car. My sister walked out of the house like a princess.

''WOW'' I exclaimed as I walked into Sylvia Park. There were so many people running around the store like Sylvia park was just about to close down.  Me and my sister just walked through the crowd slowly.  The place I wanted to go to most was the Warehouse, But we had to go to jay jays.
I bought 2 T- shirts and 1 pair of skinny jeans. My sister got 3 T- shirts and 2 jeans.

''Warehouse here we come" I thought to myself as we made our way to the biggest ,red shop in the world.  I raced inside the shop and started looking at the Cd's. It was so hard to pick only one CD but since my sister felt so generous she said I could get 4.  So at the end of the day I got two Michael Jackson Cd's  a reggae Cd and a Hip Hop CD.

Did you guess what occasion It was?
Yes it was my Sisters Birthday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My retelling of Cinderella

Once upon a time, In a great Kingdom, a gentleman lived happily with his wife, who was sweet and good, and his pretty little daughter. But something sad happened. The wife past away and the father had to get remarried. He got married to a hideous , self centered women, who gave birth to two ugly girls that was just like the her. Sadly the father past away. So that meant that the mother was in charge so she ordered Ella (who was the daughter of the mother who died ) to do all of the housework for them. One day the prince had sent a invitation to all of the houses inviting them to a royal ball at the castle to find a princess to marry. The ugly stepsisters demanded Cinderella to make them a beautiful dress. She worked for 5 hours making their dresses. As soon as she finished she had to do their hair ,makeup and polish their shoes. By the time she finished she asked in a sweet voice" Can I come to the ball?". The Stepmother said" After you have finished cleaning all of the rooms and swept the floor , But you have to do it all in 10 minutes''. After 10 minutes she came into the room with a lovely pink dress, but cheekily the stepsisters riped and shredded the dress and they just left Cinderella crying on the porch. In an blink of an eye a wondrous sight appeared. It was Cinderella 's Fairy Godmother. Cinderella's Fairy godmother asked her" Why are you crying my dear?". She replied " I am not allowed to go to the ball ". She answered " Well if you want to go to the ball you have t0 go and get me a pumpkin, Six mice and a rat. So she raced of and found all of those stuff and brought it back to the Fairy godmother and she told Cinderella to go and have a shower. As soon as Cinderella finished her shower she was amazed at what she saw. She saw a carriage, six horses and a coachman. Then she sighed" Despite the stuff I can see what am I going to wear"?. Then without answering the Fairy Godmother waved her wand around Cinderella and there she was, standing with a beautiful aqua dress. As Cinderella was about to leave the Fairy Godmother said " Oh one more thing". "What"? said Cinderella. "You have to be home by Midnight or else your dress will turn back to rags", and off went Cinderella. As Cinderella stepped into the ball room all eyes were on her. " Do you want to dance" asked the prince"?. "Sure" said Cinderella. As the two were dancing the ugly stepsisters were jealous. Cinderella got so carried away that she didn't know what the time was. Ding Dong Cinderella ran as fast as she could out of the hall , Down the steps and away into the dark night sky. "No" the prince thought to himself, but as he was walking up the steps he saw a glimmering light in the distance. it was the beautiful girl's shoe. As soon as he picked it up he raced inside the palace and commanded his gentlemen to go around the whole kingdom and see if any girl fit's this shoe. So the search was on for the girl that the prince danced with. They went to every house in the entire kingdom , but no one could fit the shoe, until they came to Cinderella's house. The ugly stepsisters were beautifying themselves, while Cinderella was washing the clothes in the wash house. "Will you try this shoe on for me"? Asked the servant. "Of course" replied Anastasia. "Too small" said the servant. "Will you try this shoe on for me"? "Of course" replied Drizella. "Too big" said the servant. "Do you have any other daughters"? asked the servant. " No ". Then he could hear the sweet melody of the Cinderella's voice. "Who is that?" "Oh that is just our maid". "Let her try on the shoe". "No". "Yes " insisted the servant. So he got Cinderella and she tried on the shoe and... It was a perfect fit. So they took her to the palace and told the prince that this is the girl that he was looking for. The prince asked her " Will you marry me?" " Of course " and so they lived happily ever after.


Thank you to this website for giving me this lovely picture.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My blog Wordle

Today in extension Mrs Burt taught us how to use"
Wordle".  She taught us this so when visitors come to our page they can get an idea of the kinds of things I write about and also they will keep on coming to my blog to see what's new.  The biggest words are the ones we used most in our whole blog.  Enjoy.   

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The conference with Hamish Campbell

In the morning the whole extension class had a video conference with a famous Geologist named Hamish Campbell. We were talking to him about the earthquake that happened in Fiordland this year. To prepare for our conference with Hamish Campbell, we made Seismometer.

He told us that it happened at 9pm and it was the 16th of July. On the north island the Pacific plate was going underneath the Australian plate , but on the south island the Australian plate was heading underneath the Pacific Plate. It lasted 30 seconds and no one was killed, but it was measured by a Seismometer and it was measured 7.6 magnitude , the biggest earthquake worldwide in 80 years.

Speaking of earthquakes i am going to tell you about an earthquake that happened in China in the city of Tangshan in the year of 1976. It lasted 15 seconds and it killed 242,000 and around 50, 000 people were injured. It was recorded as 7.8 magnitude. The reason that so many people die in earthquakes because are really because are really dangerous because they happen so fast and they do not have warnings like for e.g Volcanoes , Tornadoes and all kinds of disasters have warnings.

The facts that I mostly like is when Hamish Campbell told us that in the earthquake was felt in New Plymouth. Another that I want you to know about is that the Plates that are covering New Zealand are not in a circle shape they are in any different shape.

Last term we were learning about Dinosaurs and Joan Wiffen was part of our important project but just today Hamish just told us that she past away. She past away on Tuesday at the Hastings Hospital.

Thank you to Diana Grace and the Te Papa Museum. Huge thanks to Hamish Campbell.
To find out more try clicking on any of these links:

Seismometer: A Seismometer is a instrument that records the intensity of an earthquake.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mighty Megalosaurus report

(Great Lizard)

Megalosaurus was a Lizard hipped dinosaur.  It was a 
therapod and a teturan.  Megalosaurus was a large 
meat - eating dinosaur that lived in the Jurassic
period about 181-169 million years ago.  Megalosaurus
was the first dinosaur fossil discovered  in England 
in 1616.  It was also the first dinosaur in Europe
and given a scientific name by William Buckland in 1842.  
The Megalosaurus was 9 feet( 30 metres) and weighed 
  about 1 ton.  It had two strong legs.  It was a Scavenger. 

A Megalosaurus was a large Meat- eating predator.  
It's jaws were packed with sharp , serrated teeth 
which curved backwards into it's mouth.  They
were ideal for cutting through meat.  It's jaws
were very sharp.  It's teeth were as big as a small 
mammals whole jaw.  The teeth were deep in 
so it will be a struggle to take the teeth out.

We know that it lived lived 170 million years ago
at a time when the earths weather was mild.  
The worlds plants were large and plentiful
as in a rain forest today.  There were forest
trees such as Conifers,Cycads,Ginkgoes
,Ferns and Horsetails grew on the ground.
This scene would have been home to a Megalosaurus.

There are lot's of theories why dinosaurs died out but 
the most popular theorie was that a meterorite hit 
earth and a dust of cloud flew over the whole world 
and it covered the sun and the dinosaurs could not adapt
to the weather so the died.  

Fast Facts
Description:A bipedal Carnivore
Name Means:Great Lizard
Period:Middle Jurassic( 70 Million years ago)
Length:9 Metres (30 feet)
Weight:1 Tonne 

The End 
This report was written by :
Selena Hafoka

Monday, June 8, 2009

All about my family.


My name is Selena and today I am going to talk about my family.

First I am going to talk about my Mum. Her name is Flora. I love my Mum because when I am sad she always cheers me up. I respect her because she had to move from house to house so she could have enough rooms for all of her children. She has five children and she had to look after them. The thing I love about her the most is that she is hard working . She works 3 or 4 hours a day.

Second I am going to talk about my one and only sister. Her name is Patrice Fa'ulua. I love my sister because whenever I have girl business she is always there for me to talk too. I also like her because she let me name her baby. Her baby's name is Dereon Phoenix Joseph Thomas. My sister's most great talent is cooking.

My nephew Dereon is cute and chubby. I love him because he smiles at me and talks to me in baby language.

Now I am going to talk about my youngest brother. His name is Leka Fa'ulua. I sometimes feel sorry for my little brother when he is crying because someone made him cry I sometimes go angry but sometimes I just stay with him. I think he looks cute when he is sad.

Now is my second oldest brother. His name is Samuel Fa'ulua. He is my closest brother. We kind of like the same stuff. We both like sports and we both like to play rugby in the afternoon. But that is a family sport. I like him because whenever he goes in to town he takes me with him.

Now my last brother is the second oldest out of all of the children in my family. His name is Mone Fa'ulua. He is silent just like me. He doesn't talk that much only to family members. I love him because whenever I am hurt he comes up to me he says:" Lena are you alright '' and I say ''Yeah I am alright ''.

Now it is is my nana's turn. My nana does a lot of stuff to help people. She doesn't do it for
money, she does it for free. She tries to make medicine to help people to get better, and she massages
people and helps them get better.

Last but not least is my papa's turn. I love my papa because he tries to speak English everyday
and whenever he comes back from church he sings a tune from a church song.

Well that is all of my family I am going to talk about today.

Well bye for now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Angela My best friend EVER.

Today we are going to talk about my best friend Angela. The thing I like about Angela is that she makes me laugh all the time. She is so cool because on tuesday 26th of may she spent all her time looking for the dinosaur I was doing a project on. Whenever she is lonely on the couch she asks me if I can go on with her. She is good at lots of things like:Swimming and throwing and also at being a clown to me. The first thing I am going to talk about is how she swims. She is a fantastic swimmer. Even though I am not good at swimming Angela still cheers me on because she has faith in me. I definetly know Angela is a good thrower. In athletics We entered Softball & Shotput. In both you guessed it I didn't come in any place,But Angela came 2nd in softball and 2nd equal in shotput. Don't you think that is amazing?Last but not least is her personality. I like her personality because she is kind, funny and interesting.She makes me laugh all the time I am feeling sad.Even though sometimes she is mean to me she will always be my bestest friend ever.


Thanks to the class photos in room 15.
Thank you to Miss Squires for taking this photo for me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The surprising Immersion Assembly.

On the first day of term 2 i was so excited about the immersion assembly. The bell rang so I rushed to the door at class getting ready to go to the hall for the immersion assembly.The class walked silently to the hall. We got into the hall and I looked at the projector and saw the title Dino-might.Mr Jacobson said we had to wait for Mr Burt to come, Suddenly we heard someone laughing quite strangely.The man came into the hall and to my surprise it was Mr Burt dressed in an outfit that looked like a caveman outfit.He said he was looking for his lunch and he said he was looking for some sort of dinosaur named hipsolophodon.He picked two people to be hipsolophodons and they were Feki & Tyler .R. He had a big weapon called a bombyknocker. Later on Team 1 took the stage. They had a made a movie about the whole team in the prehistoric times. Then they came up and held up 5 pieces of paper saying"We are not extinct(yet).

Next it was team 2's turn.They did a rap about all the dinosaurs.They were dressed in rapping clothes.Their rap had a cool beat it was really catchy.
It was team 3's turn. and they were searching for bones like they were paleontologists.Our team, team four made a movie and the movie showed all the teachers in the library researching about dinosaurs but they fell asleep and they went back 60 million years ago back into the jungle and they saw lot's of dinosaurs and took photo's of them and they were scared. The soundtrack was awesome.Finally it was the e-learning teams turn.Mrs Burt was a paleontologist and she showed us her items that she was holding.They were massive!! Mrs Tele'a did a rap.The rap was about herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs.

My most favourite part of that day was hearing Mrs Tele'a rap. That was so cool and the beat was the pussycat dolls song called don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Terms extension

This term the extension group was studying food. On the first day at extension we had to do a survey,and ask people about what their favourite foods are. Then Mrs Tele'a gave us a food pyramid,we had to telly up all of the marks.I learnt from that ,that most people eat more fatty food than more healthy food. After that Mrs Tele'a told us we had to discuss what restaurant and find out what country it was first made in. For this we needed to remember about the food pyramid and find out what does our restaurants health factor fall in to?The healthy section ,the middle section or the fatty section.We went on to google earth and tried to find out what country it comes from. Not long we found out. Our restaurant we were working on was Burger King and the country it came from was Germany,Berlin. Soon after that the extension group had to bring in recipes that were made out of the main ingredients.We had to see if our recipes that we brang in were not too fatty.We had to use pages to write our recipes on it.We had to use the food pyramid and see if our recipes fell into the fatty ,middle or healthy sections. Then we had to go on to garage band and make a song with the main instrument. The main instrument was the drum sets. All of the people in the extension group had to listen to everyone's songs. The year sixies decide who's garage band song was the best. Lots of the year fives done beats instead of drums. I was one of them. I think most of my food fell into the middle section.This week I have managed to finish two recipes.They arre called 'Rice Paradise and Macaroni Wonderland'.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Last weeks Extension.

Last week on Thursday we were writing on our blogs all about our extension. First we had to look at some photos of lots of restaurants around the area.We chose an Indian Kamai restaurant. But Angela didn't like it and it  wasn't on the computer.So we decided  to choose Burger King. It was a fun day. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yesterdays extension

Yesterday was my first day at extension.We had to have partners.My partners was Angela and Erene.We had to find out what people in the extension group liked most.We had a big piece of  paper to write down everyone's names on it. After our we went around and got everyone's  favourite the most common thing that people liked to eat was Burger king.A close second was K.F.C.MMM It was making me hungry already.The most favourite dessert was Ice-cream sunday.
We had to do a telly chart.Mrs Tele'a told us someone from our group had to report back what we have learnt.Erene was chosen to do it.I have learnt that people like eating sweets more than healthy food.We should start eating a healthy breakfast,lunch and dinner. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Co-operative game

Last week on Friday we were playing a co-operative game.There were five (5) teams.I was in the second team.Angela was the team captain.The aim of the game was to get all of your team to the other side of the hall only using three(3) pieces of cardboard.In my team was Casey, Angela,
Aidan,Tonga and Matthew .T.But on our first try we had newspaper kept ripping.It looked like trash.Miss Alan had to run back to class and get cardboard.The first people to go on were Casey and me.Matthew didn't want to join in .Everyone was shouting and screaming.I nearly fell off but lucky Casey held on to my T-shirt.I was Struggling.Angela was holding on to me.I felt like we were sailing on a ship to another Island.We were trying our best.I felt sorry for Matthew.The winning team was Ala's team.We had to copy their strategy.It worked perfectly for us.We came second in that race.That game was fun.I wish we could play it again someday.The End.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Statistics-Game trial

On Thursday last week the whole class of room 15 went to the hall. I was clueless, I didn't know what we were doing until Miss Squires told us it was for maths. I was still clueless. She told us we had to get into pairs so Angela and I were partners. The first round was a trial and I was the first person to do the trial. My legs were trembling like jelly. Then Miss Squires said "GO".
I could hear the crowd chattering to each other. I was so nervous. I was twisting and turning around with the hockey stick. At one stage I thought I was going to hit a cone but lucky I didn't. Finally I reached the last set of cones. I crashed and banged into cones, but I made it. I was as glad as a hippo who is just having a shower. My time was 43 seconds. My heart was beating really fast.

Lot's of other people banged and had accidents with the cones. Next it was Angela's turn she went slowly and steadily and didn't bump into cones and she made it.You know what they say "Slow and steady wins the race". Her time was 53 seconds. Then it was my second try. This time I went a little faster and I beat my time. This time my time was 43 seconds. I was panting Angela tried to go her fastest this time and her time was 42 seconds. She beat my second try. It was time for my one and only try left. This time I went my fastest. Jane was right in front of me so I tried harder and luckily I beat her. Lepa kept on calling me a cheater because he saw me beat Jane, but I just ignored him. Angela said my time was 33 seconds. I was proud of myself. Angela's last time was 42 seconds again. She was proud of herself too I could tell.
The aim of the game was to twist and turn around the cones without touching them.I liked that game I wish we could play it again someday.
The End.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Room 15 from Ms Squires

Hi Selena, welcome to Room 15 and your new blog. This is your own place to share your stories, poems and thoughts about different topics. You will be able to also post any podcasts or videos you make and any of your e-learning tasks you complete throughout the year. Don't forget to let all your family know so they can see what you have been up to and can leave you comments.
Happy Blogging!!

The best New Years ever!!!!!

When it was New Years I was so excited to see my family. My head felt like it was going to explode with excitement. But first I had to help my cousin fill up the pool. We were going to swim with the next door neighbour. I couldn't wait. The next minute I saw my cousin jumping up and down because he was so excited that we were going to swim in the pool. He looked like he was on a sea-saw.
It took a really long time to fill the pool. It felt like it took a million years to fill it up so I went back inside to check if my family were there and...they were there!!. I was so jiggly I looked like I was dancing. My whole family was there. It was like I was lost in a crowd at a concert.
I went to smell the food my aunties were making. The food smelt Delicious and it was like I was floating on a cloud making my way to heaven. Everyone else felt like that too I could tell. Meanwhile outside I saw my cousin running around as fast as a cheetah .I didn't know why but it was cousin Maia just woke up.Her hair looked like she had just finished riding a bull.My sister just pushed me out of the way and hugged my cousin.I was fuming.I felt like a bull with steam pouring out of my ears.I said "Hey what about me?It's not fair.But I know that they loved each other dearly so I just crept away silently like a mouse crawling away.I just went to the pool to check on my cousin.I saw the next door neighbour Splashing in the pool.After that Every one went to eat delicious food.Then everyone went home.When I went home I went to check on the water in the pool.It was freezing.It felt like I was frozen in Antarctica.The End.