Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beach Extravaganza!!!

All you could hear was the excited chattering of children. We were walking hurriedly down to the reserve, so all of us could get the picnic started. As we were walking, I looked up overhead and saw the stunning scenery. The blue sky had some splotches of clouds, here,there and everywhere. The water was sparkling and the birds were screeching.

“There is a good place” I shouted. I pointed up to a great spot on the hill. When my friends Ala and Mubasshira got there we laid out our bags. We looked like a group of gossipers, whispering secrets into each others ears and the wind carrying the secrets away! I glanced down and saw Pt Englanders playing in the mud. The School picnic was going GREAT! Soon after I got bored just lying around, so I stood up and made my way to the field to play a game of touch.

“ I can make it, I can make it” I said to myself. My heart was beating like a drum, my legs were aching. I was panting. Lungs searching for air, trying to go the extra mile...SCORE!! Breathing a sigh of relief , I fell to the ground . Confidence rushed through me as I put that ball down for the score. What a BREATHTAKING but AWESOME game of touch.

“AAAHHH” I breathed. I got back from a game of touch , so I just flopped onto the grass .A relaxed feeling came over me as I became calm. I glanced around the GIANT field, looking at the variety of activities people were playing, but I could not believe they could handle the heat of the scorching sun. As they were playing you could hear the speakers blaring with music. That was great entertainment.

If a bird was looking down on us from the sky, they would think that we were a big clan of red ants crawling to a tree. The sun was beaming down on us and the heat was unstoppable. We gathered at the tree, so we could get ready to go back to school.

The journey back to school was breathtaking, but at least it was over. We were back in our natural habitat and that was good.

A define highlight was spending time with friends and just relaxing, gossiping and playing about at the beach.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thanks Mrs Lagitupu!!!

Dear Mrs Lagitupu,
I am thanking you for helping us, come up with GREAT ideas for the Camp concert! The MTV was good and I am sure that Toreka couldn’t have completed it without your help.

Thanks for providing us with the music,equipment and confidence. You really pushed us to the limit and made sure that we did our best with our performance.

I am sure that the Respectablez and everyone who came to Camp are very thankful for your help. Without it the Camp concert and Camp TC wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Yours Sincerely