Monday, December 7, 2009

The amazing Year 5 picnic.

MMMMMM" I whispered. My tummy was grumbling. I could just feel the scrumptious and divine taste melting in my mouth. I couldn't wait for the picnic to start , in fact I was so excited I was jittery and jumpy. "Let's go" said Ms Squires.

One, Two , Three...Vanila was numbering us off for the first game. It was Midnight. "ONES" Vanila shouted. I stood up and ran with all of my speed. My heart was pounding and my legs were pumping. "Almost there'' I thought to myself, but it was too late someone had already touched the ball. ''Oh well, there is always next time'' I said to myself. I was waiting patiently for my turn and then Vanila called my number out again. My fellow competitors rushed before me and I knew it had to take a miracle to win this one, but too bad that miracle that I had wished for didn't happen.I was nearly in contact with the ball but Havea touched the ball before me. "Oh bummer" I complained. " Time to switch games" I heard the teacher say so I rushed and sat in a line.

" Munch Munch Munch" I was munching on Seini- Mino's sweet Chop suey. It was so delicious it was like I was addicted to her food. I gathered anything that I could eat and I placed it on my plate. I started stuffing my face with Mubasshira's chocolaty brownies. The chocolate just burst in my mouth with flavour. The cream puffs looked like clouds squashed between two pieces of delicious bread. Angela's pickets were so delicious that I nearly went up to heaven taking the whole platter with me. Toreka's sticky rice was so sticky that the rice and caramel nearly stuck to my teeth, but it was also delicious because of the caramel.

My favourite part of the whole day was eating because I was so hungry after all of the energetic running and cheering when we played touch and Midnight. My favourite meal of the day was the whole groups meals instead of mine. I've kind of got a really big sweet tooth and I love to have chocolate anytime , but I've eaten enough for today.