Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mighty Megalosaurus report

(Great Lizard)

Megalosaurus was a Lizard hipped dinosaur.  It was a 
therapod and a teturan.  Megalosaurus was a large 
meat - eating dinosaur that lived in the Jurassic
period about 181-169 million years ago.  Megalosaurus
was the first dinosaur fossil discovered  in England 
in 1616.  It was also the first dinosaur in Europe
and given a scientific name by William Buckland in 1842.  
The Megalosaurus was 9 feet( 30 metres) and weighed 
  about 1 ton.  It had two strong legs.  It was a Scavenger. 

A Megalosaurus was a large Meat- eating predator.  
It's jaws were packed with sharp , serrated teeth 
which curved backwards into it's mouth.  They
were ideal for cutting through meat.  It's jaws
were very sharp.  It's teeth were as big as a small 
mammals whole jaw.  The teeth were deep in 
so it will be a struggle to take the teeth out.

We know that it lived lived 170 million years ago
at a time when the earths weather was mild.  
The worlds plants were large and plentiful
as in a rain forest today.  There were forest
trees such as Conifers,Cycads,Ginkgoes
,Ferns and Horsetails grew on the ground.
This scene would have been home to a Megalosaurus.

There are lot's of theories why dinosaurs died out but 
the most popular theorie was that a meterorite hit 
earth and a dust of cloud flew over the whole world 
and it covered the sun and the dinosaurs could not adapt
to the weather so the died.  

Fast Facts
Description:A bipedal Carnivore
Name Means:Great Lizard
Period:Middle Jurassic( 70 Million years ago)
Length:9 Metres (30 feet)
Weight:1 Tonne 

The End 
This report was written by :
Selena Hafoka