Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Destruction down South

We were all devastated to find out that Christchurch has yet again been hit with another monstrous earthquake. Everywhere people looked there was debris for miles and miles, and people were helping survivors out from beneath piles of rubble. There was chaos in the streets ,as people were trying to look for their loved ones through all the destruction. To all the people in Christchurch: I hope you are all safe and get through this catastrophe. My condolences are with you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas Cheers!!

“Wake up everybody!! “ I screamed. I was running up and down the hallway shouting until my throat hurt. After a “while I walked into the living room. I stared at the amazing sight that stood in front of me. “ It’s finally here “ I said. “ Christmas .

I was jiggly and jumpy all morning. I just couldn’t wait till the rest of my family woke up. I kept on glancing at the clock to keep track of time. Just then I heard my family rush to the tree. I was trying to push through the havoc so I could open my present first. “ Oh bummer “. I didn;t get to the tree fast enough.

Finally it was my turn in line. Snatching the first present in sight, I savagely ripped the wrapper off. It revealed a complete kit for your hair. I was so grateful. It was even my favourite colour: Dark blue. “ I thanked my Mum by giving her a hug and saying Merry Christmas to her.The best part of the morning was opening my favourite present of all: My Justin Bieber shirt. As soon as I saw it I screamed: A JUSTIN BIEBER SHIRT. OMG!!! Hugging my shirt to my chest I kept it in it’s package for the whole day.

When i finished getting ready , I went to the front yard where all the fuss was happening. Glancing around, I saw pools being put up, a HUGE beach ball and our FEAST. Our front yard was like a clan of worker bees doing different jobs. So I went over to ask if anyone needed any help, so I ended up helping my sister put the pool up. It was a really wet job, but I got through it.

After the prayer, we got to overload our bowls with salads like:
Patato salad
Crab salad
Raw fish
Prawn salad
And heaps of other foods that I don’t have time to talk about right now.
As I took the first mouthful of Patato salad, the mayonnaise melted in my mouth. It was so delicious. I love my mum’s home made patato salad.

“ SPLASH” is the sound I made when I jumped into the pool. It was freezing cold. I was standing there as still as a statue, in one spot shivering , feeling sorry for my legs as they were the ones suffering from the horrible coldness. Then just as I was about to hop out, I felt hands on my back push with full force , and there I was: falling head first into the water. As I got up I glanced around the pool, to see if anyone had noticed and there he was : My little brother Leka was standing there laughing. “ Oh brother”. I’m going to get you Leka!!!

As the day ended, everyone was getting tired. We were packing up everything like, dirty dishes, dirty tables and lots of inflatable bouncy castles. When I was done, I made my way to the living room, where it was nice and cosy. I grabbed my cup of Milo, sat down and watched T.V by myself. It was the best Christmas ever, and I would never change this Christmas for anything.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I see net books EVERYWHERE!!

Finally the day came. I saw the shiny coat of black as I unwrapped it. It was just sitting in front of me. That was the first time I saw my net book. We were told not to touch it but I couldn't help it. I tapped the net book.

" Now you can open it" said Mrs Burt. My heart was beating fast and I was just excited to finally use it for the first time. When I opened it I saw lots of features like: A tiny camera, a mini mouse and the little keys. It was the cutest net book I had ever seen. The best thing about it was that it was black.

I would just like to say thank you to Mr and Mrs Burt for getting us these precious net books. I am sure that everyone is thankful.

Anyway that was what I thought when I first saw and used my net book. Thanks.