Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tarawera Expedition

On a beautiful morning, tourists were making there way to see the Pink and White terraces. Then out of the fog came a omen waka ( boat ) with 8 warriors in it. Some Maori people thought it was a sign of bad luck.

9 days later, the ground began to shake and rumble, then suddenly BOOM!!!. Mount Tarawera erupted leaving behind it's mark which was a crack as long as 17 kilometres. The most terrible thing was that it destroyed the world-wide famous Pink and White Terraces. It was really important because it was one of the Great Wonders of the world.

The year 5 and 6 extension group have finished Their spectacular project. Over here you can see that this is my mini animation. It gives you a bit of information about the devastating disaster. So sit back and enjoy.

If you want to see the next part of this movie , click on this hyperlink:

Ala has made the next part of our story.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Criminal Massacre Part 1

25th August 11:00 am

" What happened" said Jimmy. He was panting heavily. He was trying to remember what happened in the last few minutes. The dream he just had was horrifying.

26th August 7:30 pm

28th of August keeps rushing through my mind. I rushed to the calender and wrote on the 28th of August:
Possible death date- 9:00 pm.
Suddenly the T.V turned off. Then I realised that the power died out, so I rushed to the phone. Dang, the mainline was dead. It was pitch black in my house. Just then I remembered about the strange dream that I had. I knew that my possible death date was creeping closer.
27th August 8:15pm

" Breaking news" roared the T.V. "A criminal is on the loose". As soon as I heard that I stuck my eyes to the T.V. I couldn't take my eyes off it. " The criminals name is Mad Sammy. He is a phsyco who recently got released from the mental hospital"." Why is this happening to me" I moaned.

28th August 7:00am

I woke up with a startle. I have had the same dream over and over again. My eyes were hanging out of their eye sockets. I was thinking about what would happen if I ran away. Would my dream still come true or is someone just trying to scare me.

28th August 9:00 pm

I gotta get home. It was growing darker and darker as I ran. "Thump Thump". I froze in fright. "Thump". Please this is not happening to me. My heart was pumping with fright. " Thump Thump .... "AAAAAA" screamed Jimmy. " Bingo " said Mad Sammy. " I wished for 1 person to kill and I get my wish". His scissors were dripping with blood. He proudly strode off into the darkness with a chuckle.

To Be continued ......

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another round of ROW completed!!!

Another round of ROW* has been finished off with a celebration and it was AWESOME!!! We were learning about the three steps in life and how we could have a better future. So I have written a reflection of what I had done and what I could have improved on.

* ROW was an online celebration. This is when people all around the world talk to each other about life. This round was about the three steps in life. We met the head NIKE shoe designer.


1. What did I do well?
I think I did well on the ad because it was tricky but, we made it and from my point of view I think we did very well.

2. How could I have improved on what I did?
I could have taken some bits and I could have recorded longer so it would have been better.

Brick wall

3. What held you back from doing a better job?
I think that the boys on my team kept on mucking around a bit.

4. List down some ways that you could have solved it:
1. I think I could have taken charge since I was the group leader, and told them to stop mucking around so we could have gotten the movie finished.
2. I could have told the teacher to see if I could have changed my group.


1. To talk to people all around the world about their problems and inquires.
2. To show how you feel and how you express your feelings by drawing the shoe.
3. To explain problems about how the world has changed.
4. To learn about how to succeed in life.
5. To share with the world what you think about ROW.