Monday, April 19, 2010

"This term is going to be awesome". It was the first day of school and guess what we are learning about? Our topic is called Active earth. It is about active volcanoes. Some keywords are fault line, tectonic plates,earthquake and pumice.

Do you know how a volcano erupts? Well the magma inside the mantle struggles to get out so it goes out in the cracks.

Here are some facts to get you started:

1:Did you know that the biggest volcano in the universe is on Mars.

2: Did you know that a volcano on the coast of Italy erupts every 20 minutes! It is known as the Mediterranean Lighthouse.

3: Every year 20 to 30 volcanoes erupt.

4:Mauna Loa (a Hawaiian volcano) Hawaii is the largest live volcano on earth. One eruption lasted one and a half years.

5: Did you know that volcanoes are named after the Greek god named Vulcan. He was the roman god of Fire and Metalwork.

6:Mount St Helens is 4,500 years old-young for a volcano.

7:Tsunami is Japanese for wave breaking in the harbour.

8: The worlds newest Island appeared near Tonga in 1995.

9: Most of the worlds volcanoes are under the sea.

10:The Romans believed that spas had healing powers.

11: There are no volcanoes at all in Australia.

12: To keep Volcanoes Dormant the Aztecs fed them women.

13: The volcanoes on Venus may still be active.

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