Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Terms extension

This term the extension group was studying food. On the first day at extension we had to do a survey,and ask people about what their favourite foods are. Then Mrs Tele'a gave us a food pyramid,we had to telly up all of the marks.I learnt from that ,that most people eat more fatty food than more healthy food. After that Mrs Tele'a told us we had to discuss what restaurant and find out what country it was first made in. For this we needed to remember about the food pyramid and find out what does our restaurants health factor fall in to?The healthy section ,the middle section or the fatty section.We went on to google earth and tried to find out what country it comes from. Not long we found out. Our restaurant we were working on was Burger King and the country it came from was Germany,Berlin. Soon after that the extension group had to bring in recipes that were made out of the main ingredients.We had to see if our recipes that we brang in were not too fatty.We had to use pages to write our recipes on it.We had to use the food pyramid and see if our recipes fell into the fatty ,middle or healthy sections. Then we had to go on to garage band and make a song with the main instrument. The main instrument was the drum sets. All of the people in the extension group had to listen to everyone's songs. The year sixies decide who's garage band song was the best. Lots of the year fives done beats instead of drums. I was one of them. I think most of my food fell into the middle section.This week I have managed to finish two recipes.They arre called 'Rice Paradise and Macaroni Wonderland'.