Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazing Camp TC

Do I have to Mum?” I groaned. My Mother had woken me up from my sleep. “ If you want to go to your senior camp you have to wake up NOW!” Mum screamed angrily. I got out of bed and crawled to the door, with my eyes still half closed. I glanced at the clock, it was........6:00 o’clock...IN THE MORNING!!! My Mum told me to stop groaning, because it was a reasonable time to wake me up at. A reasonable time, seriously??? It’s more like torture to me.

I finally arrived at school ready to camp on the field once more. Strolling through the street, I saw the excited expressions on my friends faces. You could hear the deep rumble in the hall from the street, because everyone was pulling their suitcases to their group’s spot. There were plenty of adults around carrying bags and piles of delicious food.

We were racing to the pole. The kayak was cutting through the water. “ OWWW “, water splashed into my eye, the salt in the water was stinging. I suddenly felt the kayak come to a halt. I rubbed my eye like crazy,struggling to get that horrible feeling out of my eye. I breathed a sigh of relief as the pain began to fade away. The race between us and Shontal was over and the winner is: Shontal . Oh well better luck next time I said to myself.

Waiting patiently on the plank, I was teasing the other team. You could hear the despair in their voices when they miss the shot. Just then you could hear a bang. “ SPLASH!!!” is the noise I made when I fell into the water. It was freezing, but refreshing and plus: It was a scorching hot day. I had officially been dunked!!!

After a long and tiring day out and about the school grounds, I returned back to my tent along with my tent buddies Toreka and Mubasshira. I snatched my cutlery and ran back out of my tent. My stomach was grumbling, so I quickly made my way to line up with my team. As soon as I collected my food, I sat down with my friends and took my first bite of my food. The scrumptious taste of chicken ran down my throat. “ Lovely chicken” I said with a sigh.

“ Boom, Boom “ My heart was beating fast. I had a gut feeling about this. Then I heard Mrs Langitupu announce that it was the Respectablez turn. I was about to turn and run to the exit, but then I heard the support and encouragement of my friends, that’s when I had the courage to do the item. A few minutes later the teachers were going to announce the winners, here were the highest places:

3rd place: Responsibles

2nd place: Thinkers

Now it was the moment of truth, Who won? I had doubts about us winning, and I am sure that the rest of my team agreed with me. And the winner was: RESPECTABLEZ!! You could hear a large roar in the crowd. “ YAY WE WON “.

From the senior camp I learnt how to take charge and be respectful to those who are older than me and to those who are around me.


  1. Hi Selena,

    It was nice meeting you yesterday evening. :-)

    Cool blog! I can see you like writing stories. The beginning of the story in this blog post is particularly great, encourages to read on.
    Congrats on the win! You girls are a great team indeed.


  2. Hi Selena

    I love your writing about Camp. My favourite thing there was practising our item for concert night. Although, you are right, performing is quite scary.
    Great Writing. Looking forward to more.



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