Thursday, June 16, 2011


I had a Muesli Bar and a packet of...OWWWW!! The needle punctured my arm. While my sob echoed around the hall! I felt pain bolt up and around my arm. The needle was taken out of my arm and all you could hear was a whimper from me.

Chattering away I was hoping the pain would go decrease. On the television in front of me, there was a movie playing it was: The Incredibles. I stopped talking to my friends because the nurse told me to go and get my bandage off.

After the injection I was released,the plaster was off my arm now. I was making my way back to class rubbing my arm. I was hoping that the pain would go away but it was hopeless, the hurt was constant. I wish I would NEVER have to do that ever AGAIN!!

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  1. Ah yes - vaccinations or injections of any kind are never that much fun!
    I love the first sentence of this piece Selena what a great way to hook your audience in - well done.
    Mrs Nua


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