Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seeya Ala...

These holidays were pretty cool. Not the BEST holidays I’ve had though. What was my holiday highlight? Well, Ala was leaving our school so Sylvia, Toreka, Ala and I went down to Swimarama so we could spend time with Ala before she left. Here’s my highlight of the holidays.

As we walked into the pools, the strong stench of chlorine filled my nostrils. We walked carefully over to the shady side of the pool. We lay our clothes out neatly and collapsed onto the grass. We were trying to get a tan under the trees at Swimarama.

Jumping into the pool I nearly froze because of the freezing water. I came up gasping for air. I came up and saw Toreka laughing at me because of my facials, as I emerged out of the water. Ignoring her I dove down to the bottom of the pool, I couldn’t resist opening my eyes and the chlorine stung my eyeballs. I heard a grumble in my tummy so I came up out of the water, and made my way out to grab a quick snack.

We were all sitting under the tree having a quick snack, and we were gossiping as girls do. I was stuffing my face with Doritos and Sour cream and chive crackers. Sylvia told a funny as joke which made me laugh so hard that I started choking, but did the girls notice??? I don’t think so. So when I could breath again I stood up and stormed away from the girls and jumped straight into the pool.

It was competition time! We were all in the pool, so we decided to have a competition. Ala got on my shoulders and Toreka got on Sylvia’s shoulders. Ala and Toreka were shoving and pushing each other, While me and Sylvia were trying to balance. We have no idea who won since both of our teams cheated. Oh well, That’s not our fault...Or is it??

At the end of the day we packed up our belongings and made our way to Ala’s car. While we were there we took Vain photos of ourselves near the basin…. Oh wait let me rephrase that: TOREKA was taking vain photos of ALA. My highlight of the day is spending time with my Besties. My lowlight of the day was saying goodbye to Ala.

It's pretty different not having Ala attend our school anymore. We have all known each other ever since year 2 and an important friend of ours is gone. Miss you Ala banana. Don't miss me too much!


  1. Hi Selena

    What a great highlight! I like how you rephrase things and use some good vocabulary. Your story is full of energy and laughter. My favourite sentence is, made me laugh so hard that I started choking, but did the girls notice??? I don’t think so. Each paragraph is truly great.
    Keep it up Selena!

    From Seini-Mino

  2. Dear Selena
    I like your highlight about your holidays
    It is very interesting what your wrote I wish I could write that. Truly you have a great story about what you write I love it and it is cool.

    Keep it up Selena
    You did well I love it and I want to her some more story's about you

    Jessica P


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