Friday, April 27, 2012


Music and Arts Glen Innes Centre, or MAGIC. The Auckland council held a competition. The competition was for anyone in Glen Innes to send in a 3 minute movie explaining why WE wanted a Music and Arts centre in G.I. The students of Room 21 spent 2 weeks making a movie that explained just that. We even made a rap to go with the movie. After we were proud of our final product we sent our movie in, and waited 3 excruciating weeks to find out if we had won and funnily enough we did. Two of the board members, Josephine and Alan came and awarded 8 of the main people a certificate and a few vouchers to honor us for working so hard on our movie. This is the certificate that was awarded to me.


  1. Hey Selena,

    I watched your Movie and you did a great job putting that together. It explained what MAGIC would do for us kids and the movie has some humor in there as well. Keep up the great work Lena..


  2. Hi Selena,

    The movie you and your friends produced was AWESOME! I liked how there was was so many examples of how you could use a little MAGIC to improve things. The rap was amazing! I can't wait until we have the Music and Arts Glen Innes Centre.


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