Friday, May 18, 2012

Comparing and Contrasting: Pablo Picasso and Daniella Hulme.

Room 21 have been expected to compare and contrast very famous artists: Pablo Picasso and Daniella Hulme .They  have two very different styles of art. Picasso’s style is Cubism, however Daniella has a different style named contemporary art which means modern day art.

Pablo Picasso is very famous for his art, because he focused different perspectives. His art style is very unique.  The artwork we are going to be focusing on today is named: The Weeping Women. This artwork is particularly fascinating because it looks jagged and edgy, almost like glass. It looks as if she is made purely out of a transparent substance.

Daniella Hulme is a dutch artist whose designs are based on Pacific Tapa cloth and etc . Her influence is her Samoan husband. The artwork of hers we are going to be focusing on today is called ‘A lazy day in paradise’. This artwork is distinctive because she uses bright colours. Looking at her painting I’ve noticed that she uses the same person in each painting.

Differences or similarities, let’s start with the similarities. Firstly they have a women in their paintings. Daniella’s painting you can tell it’s a women but Picasso, it’s kind of difficult to tell it’s a women. They also have used yellow in their painting.

Well there are numerous differences in these paintings. Picasso uses jagged and sharp edges, while Daniella uses smooth sides. Daniella uses island patterns, Picasso uses no island patterns otherwise. Even though they are very different, there is one thing that we can agree on: They have both made an impact on art history.

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