Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hinemoa, The Belle of Kainga

The extension group are focussing on a particular New Zealand artist who is well known for his detailed oil paintings which have influenced many artists today: Charles Frederick Goldie. We had to choose one of his paintings and we had to try to replicate it. Out of numerous paintings I chose to paint this one called 'Hinemoa, The Belle of Kainga'. 

Over a period of 2 weeks, I researched, observed and drew this fine work of art. While researching I found out that this painting was painted in 1913 which is about 99 years ago. This painting is one of Charles Goldie's few oil paintings, which make it hard to believe that it was a oil painting at all! You might be wondering why Charles Goldie only painted Maori people. Well the answer is quite simple: The culture was dying out. Especially the Maori tattoo called the Moko. It symbolises your family, and respect that you have for your culture.

The finished product is better than I expected, because as my friends know: I am not very fond of art. After this task, I have learnt the beauty of art and the power that it has to change the way people think. The thing I want people to notice about the extension groups artwork is the importance of Maori culture. Of the beauty and and respect that their Taonga bring to them, in this case the Taonga in this painting is the Tiki.


  1. Hi Selena,

    You have supplied a lot of interesting facts about the artist and the painting! This shows that you have done your research, great stuff!!

  2. Well done Selena. I think you completed a very good reproduction of Hinemoa. I enjoyed reading your post as you have included interesting facts about the your work and it's origins. It's great that in your reflection you've mentioned what it has made you think and understand from carrying out this artwork and study. Malo aupito! Have a great holiday.


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