Friday, August 3, 2012

NZ Goes for Gold!

Sitting on the edge of my seat, I was waiting anxiously to see who would win the Rowing: Men’s double sculls. I watched as they gracefully rowed over the dark shimmering water. The motion of their legs were in sync with their arms as they powered over the water. Crossing the finish line, my brother and I celebrated New Zealand’s first gold medal.

Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan won the nation's first gold medal at the London Olympics. Overwhelmed with joy Sullivan flung his arms up in the air, shook his partner’s hand before standing upright in the boat. The nation shared their joy as we were ecstatic at this win.

This is  the 7th gold medal that New Zealand has won in rowing, but it is the first time we have won it in the Men’s double sculls. This is a huge achievement for them, and for the country. “It was about staying composed and waiting for our moment” Cohen commented after the race.

You can read more on this NZ Herald article if you click on this link:

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  1. Hi Selena, I'm in Ms Tito's class this year. I'm sure you know her. I watched the rowing too. I have been far too busy to watch the olympics but I know New Zealand has won a few gold medals, not sure how many though. I think you're very smart putting this on your blog.

    Nicole, Rm 13, TIS


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