Monday, September 10, 2012

What if......I was a BILLIONAIRE?

What if I was a I was a billionaire? Well I would buy a 2 storey cream coloured Mansion that is as wide as as my school. It will have 5 guest rooms, and 10 bedrooms, 5 en suites and a BIG family room. It would be surrounded by a beautiful garden, also a shimmering big pool out in the back. My house would be decorated with a 60 inch plasma screen TV, with working elevators and a HUGE kitchen. Also I would have a fridge dedicated to frozen chocolate treats. Cars get you places, so I would buy me a royal blue Ferrari and a lime green Mercedes Benz. Shopping would also be a daily activity for my family and I.

You might think all this money is going to me, but I will also donate money to help the children in Africa through this famine. Christchurch is also in need so I would donate money to them too, to help rebuild their unique city. I have also noticed that endangered species are becoming extinct so I would help by donating money to save them. 

Performing is a passion of mine so I would get special dancing tips from Mindless Behavior and singing tips from One Direction (Boy bands).  I would also have a dance studio as big as a normal sized house. I also like reading so I would have a have a study room that has a library and a desk and it would have to be peaceful in there. My brother and I are also big fans of rock music, classic songs and modern music so I will have a room dedicated to albums of inspiring artists. I will also have a recording studio and music room that has a piano guitars and other instruments. So this is what I would do if I was a billionaire, what would you?

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