Thursday, February 5, 2009

The best New Years ever!!!!!

When it was New Years I was so excited to see my family. My head felt like it was going to explode with excitement. But first I had to help my cousin fill up the pool. We were going to swim with the next door neighbour. I couldn't wait. The next minute I saw my cousin jumping up and down because he was so excited that we were going to swim in the pool. He looked like he was on a sea-saw.
It took a really long time to fill the pool. It felt like it took a million years to fill it up so I went back inside to check if my family were there and...they were there!!. I was so jiggly I looked like I was dancing. My whole family was there. It was like I was lost in a crowd at a concert.
I went to smell the food my aunties were making. The food smelt Delicious and it was like I was floating on a cloud making my way to heaven. Everyone else felt like that too I could tell. Meanwhile outside I saw my cousin running around as fast as a cheetah .I didn't know why but it was cousin Maia just woke up.Her hair looked like she had just finished riding a bull.My sister just pushed me out of the way and hugged my cousin.I was fuming.I felt like a bull with steam pouring out of my ears.I said "Hey what about me?It's not fair.But I know that they loved each other dearly so I just crept away silently like a mouse crawling away.I just went to the pool to check on my cousin.I saw the next door neighbour Splashing in the pool.After that Every one went to eat delicious food.Then everyone went home.When I went home I went to check on the water in the pool.It was freezing.It felt like I was frozen in Antarctica.The End.

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  1. Hi Selena that was great you put alot of good work in your story...


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