Monday, February 16, 2009

Statistics-Game trial

On Thursday last week the whole class of room 15 went to the hall. I was clueless, I didn't know what we were doing until Miss Squires told us it was for maths. I was still clueless. She told us we had to get into pairs so Angela and I were partners. The first round was a trial and I was the first person to do the trial. My legs were trembling like jelly. Then Miss Squires said "GO".
I could hear the crowd chattering to each other. I was so nervous. I was twisting and turning around with the hockey stick. At one stage I thought I was going to hit a cone but lucky I didn't. Finally I reached the last set of cones. I crashed and banged into cones, but I made it. I was as glad as a hippo who is just having a shower. My time was 43 seconds. My heart was beating really fast.

Lot's of other people banged and had accidents with the cones. Next it was Angela's turn she went slowly and steadily and didn't bump into cones and she made it.You know what they say "Slow and steady wins the race". Her time was 53 seconds. Then it was my second try. This time I went a little faster and I beat my time. This time my time was 43 seconds. I was panting Angela tried to go her fastest this time and her time was 42 seconds. She beat my second try. It was time for my one and only try left. This time I went my fastest. Jane was right in front of me so I tried harder and luckily I beat her. Lepa kept on calling me a cheater because he saw me beat Jane, but I just ignored him. Angela said my time was 33 seconds. I was proud of myself. Angela's last time was 42 seconds again. She was proud of herself too I could tell.
The aim of the game was to twist and turn around the cones without touching them.I liked that game I wish we could play it again someday.
The End.


  1. wow selena thats really cool!!!!! i like the part when you got 33 seconds!! that was a good time wohooo!!!!!

  2. Wow Selena

    That was a very interesting post you wrote because you added lots of powerful verbs in your story. You are a very good story writer can you teach us how to write long storys like you. Any way that was a great story you wrote.

    your Sincerely Jane and Jarna


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