Friday, June 25, 2010

Criminal Massacre Part 1

25th August 11:00 am

" What happened" said Jimmy. He was panting heavily. He was trying to remember what happened in the last few minutes. The dream he just had was horrifying.

26th August 7:30 pm

28th of August keeps rushing through my mind. I rushed to the calender and wrote on the 28th of August:
Possible death date- 9:00 pm.
Suddenly the T.V turned off. Then I realised that the power died out, so I rushed to the phone. Dang, the mainline was dead. It was pitch black in my house. Just then I remembered about the strange dream that I had. I knew that my possible death date was creeping closer.
27th August 8:15pm

" Breaking news" roared the T.V. "A criminal is on the loose". As soon as I heard that I stuck my eyes to the T.V. I couldn't take my eyes off it. " The criminals name is Mad Sammy. He is a phsyco who recently got released from the mental hospital"." Why is this happening to me" I moaned.

28th August 7:00am

I woke up with a startle. I have had the same dream over and over again. My eyes were hanging out of their eye sockets. I was thinking about what would happen if I ran away. Would my dream still come true or is someone just trying to scare me.

28th August 9:00 pm

I gotta get home. It was growing darker and darker as I ran. "Thump Thump". I froze in fright. "Thump". Please this is not happening to me. My heart was pumping with fright. " Thump Thump .... "AAAAAA" screamed Jimmy. " Bingo " said Mad Sammy. " I wished for 1 person to kill and I get my wish". His scissors were dripping with blood. He proudly strode off into the darkness with a chuckle.

To Be continued ......

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  1. Hi Selena,

    What a great story. I love your catchy title! When you grow up, I think you should be a author. You write awesome storys! I hope I hear more from you. I can't wait to read part 2. It is going to have a WOW factor.

    Do you want to check out my blog? Well here is the link
    or just click on my name above.

    Your Sincerely,


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