Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Destruction down South

We were all devastated to find out that Christchurch has yet again been hit with another monstrous earthquake. Everywhere people looked there was debris for miles and miles, and people were helping survivors out from beneath piles of rubble. There was chaos in the streets ,as people were trying to look for their loved ones through all the destruction. To all the people in Christchurch: I hope you are all safe and get through this catastrophe. My condolences are with you.


  1. Hi Selena, I really like your post about the Christchurch earthquake. It really is sad that more than 100 people have already died due to the disaster in Christchurch.
    I hope one day it will end. By the way I like your vocabulary Selena it is very smart.
    Did you have any family in Christchurch Selena?
    Bye Selena.
    From Seini-Mino

  2. Hello there Selena,

    Yes I have to agree with Seini-Mino I really did like your post about Christchurch, it is really sad to hear that they have had another earthqauke, I hope that every one is safe
    Your picture really describes how bad it was really was, I hope there were no people trapped in that bus.

    Keep up your great writing Selena

  3. Hi Selena
    I also felt very sad hearing about the Christchurch Earthquack and all the bad stuff that happened there. It seems like there are tragedies happening all oyer the world. Keep up the good writing.

    from BobbiGrace


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