Monday, October 29, 2012

The Enchanted forest

“COME ON JESSE!” I shouted. My friends and I were out on a walk. Jesse rejoined Tiffany and I, as we continued our quest for something to take a photo of for our University photography class. Walking along the path, we heard a scream. Jesse and I immediately looked around and there was no sign of Tiffany. “TIFFANY!” Jesse screamed in his low monotone voice. “Down here” she replied, her voice barely audible. We glanced at the concrete and saw a secret passageway. Bending over to investigate this trap, my foot slipped on a rock and I went tumbling down.

Landing on a dirt road, I glanced up, seeing nothing but pure black. Then all of a sudden I was hit by a large object. “OWW!” I screamed. “Sorry...” replied Jesse. Regaining my balance, I took out my flashlight. Maybe this will help with the light problem, but I was wrong. My light was swallowed up by the conquering darkness. My fingers traced the bumpy walls, as I navigated myself through this tunnel. Then I felt steps, walking up the steps I saw a bit of salvation. Opening the hatchet at the top of the staircase, It revealed a beautiful scenery. “Guys, up here!” I screamed down into the tunnel, I heard shuffling and footsteps then I saw the scared faces of Tiffany and Jesse.

Hopping out of the passageway, we saw nothing but forest. My companions and I were covered in cuts and bruises, with dirt smothered on our clothes. We stood up, examining our surroundings. We saw birds in a flock, flying overhead, dropping unwanted body fluids everywhere. We were snapped out of our daydream by a low growl. We cautiously twisted around and saw a bull. It’s eyes were bloodshot red and literally popping out of it’s head, it’s nostrils were huge, while steam was practically, shooting out of it’s ears. “RUN!” Tiffany squealed. We spun around and sprinted. We had no idea where we were going, just that a bull was chasing us. We swivelled around the trees, while thin branches kept whipping us in the face. Glancing back, I saw that the bull was no more, so I stopped. “Well, that was a great exercise!” I exclaimed, sarcastically. Tiffany and Jesse chuckled under their breath. We started walking for what felt like hours, until we came to a road.

A beautiful scenery greeted us. We saw lush forest, heard birds chirping and saw no sign of human interaction. The trees towered over the rest of the forest while, insects scuttled around on the forest bed. We started walking, while the gravel crackled under our feet, then to our amazement we came face to face with a beautiful misty city. The white transparent mist hugged the city, almost like a blanket, and faded off into the sky. “CLICK!” was the sound of the camera when we took a photo. We admired the scenery for a bit longer until we saw an old friend: The bull. He was staring angrily at Jesse, who was wearing a red shirt. “Oh no. Here we go again!” Tiffany said. The bull chased us all the way back to the passageway.

“FASTEN THE HATCHET!” Jesse screamed. Fastening it as fast as I could, we all were panting heavily. “Thank the lord we made it out alive!” Tiffany exclaimed. We retraced our steps back to where we came from, and happily made our way back home.  That was our University assignment complete.


  1. hi selena

    now that's is a humongous writing you have there. I wonder how you write these huge paragraphs. by the way keep it up

  2. Hi Selena,
    That was a wonderful piece of writing you produced. I like how you used great vocabulary, to describe the scene. Your writing was full of energy and excitement.
    Keep up the great work !

    From Seini-Mino


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