Monday, November 19, 2012

Film Festival

Walking into the crowded dark theatre, I saw endless rows of red plush chairs waiting for us to sit on them. While I was walking up the lit stairs, I heard the crunch of the buttery popcorn under the soles of my shoes. Looking down a dimly lit aisle, I went and sunk into the chairs and got ready to enjoy the 5th annual Film Festival on the biggest movie screen in the southern hemisphere.

The bright light shone on the small stage. As the two college kids walked up, the whole crowd started cheering and whistling at these two courageous men. They recited their speech and walked off excitedly, probably eager to get off the stage. All I heard later was One Direction’s song ‘One thing’ and I immediately was screaming. If you haven’t noticed I am a fan of One Direction. As the movie wore on, the crowd erupted in laughter every five seconds because of the comedic creativity this movie had. As the movie faded off I awaited the arrival for my friends Toreka and Makerita, who were presenting a movie that the extension made.

Our movie is based around the everyday choices that an ordinary person makes. IT was a walk through of the day of a Pt England school child, who is faced by a series of tasks and if forced to make a good choice or a not so good choice. There are two paths but both of them have a mixture of good and bad decisions because no one is perfect, we all mistakes and that’s what makes us human. You can watch the movie at this link:

So as the Film Festival came to an end, everyone was instructed to exit the theatre. Everyone lazily got out of their seats and quickly made their way out of the movie theatre. We looked like a swarm of red ants, pushing and shoving each other. The experience was great, because we got to see how other schools in our Manaiakalani cluster work with cameras and how they do their movie making. So it was a great learning experience for all our schools to come together and learn from each other.

You can watch all the Film Festival entries by clicking on this link:

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  1. I love your recount of your experience at the film festival Selena. Your use of language makes this a very interesting read right to the end. I also thought your film entry was very well done. Your blog is always a pleasure to read :)

    Mrs Burt


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