Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The end of the term is coming up, so to fill you in on everything here are some of my highlights.

Highlight 1:
My first highlight of term is talking to the famous Nike shoe designer D'Wayne Edwards. He told us his life story and he became part of the NIKE shoe cooperation. He talked about how people didn't believe in him , but that was kind of a good thing because that motivated him to keep on trying. the most interesting thing that I found out about him is how his garage is full with all of his shoes he has designed. I would like to say something to D'Wayne Edwards: Thank you for putting some time aside to talk to us and the rest of the ROW collaboration. It was a privilege talking to you.

Highlight 2:
Second , Camp Kindness. I would like to thank everyone who helped out with the food , watch us at night and organised the whole thing. The food was soo delicious and it really filled me up. I felt really safe when people helped stayed at night. I take it , you were absolutely tired. This week on Thursday are the camp awards, I will do a post about it on the first week of term. I loved everything about camp and I think I speak for everyone who was involved.

Highlight 3:
Lastly, I liked doing animations in class about history. We were learning about the treaty of Waitangi and what it was like before it was signed. We did three animations about the treaty of Waitangi. My favourite animation was the first one because it was the easiest.

My goal for next term is to read more and do more podcasts. This term I only had time to do one podcast. The next one I am doing is called Old Bones. The book I am currently reading is called Blackwater. It is a thriller and I am going do a podcast on that book as well so check out my blog in the second week of term two and you will see a podcast tab, click on that and it will take you to my podcasts and it will be there. I would tell you who I am going to be doing the podcast with , but it will spoil the surprise.

I think next terms topic is going to be about volcanoes and land. I think the name is going to be Land Ahoy.

The End.


  1. Hi Selena,
    I really liked your post on your highlights for this year. Great job! My goal is also to read more books and do more podcasts because I have only one 1. Anyways, Great job! Was it really long to write that big post! If you would like to go on my blog type in this :


    Yours Sincerely,
    Alaimaluloa ( Ala)

  2. Great reflection and I am very pleased to read about your podcasts in the pipeline! I look forward to listening to those :) Mrs Burt


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