Friday, March 5, 2010

What a tragic artist Van Gogh was. Van Gogh's paintings were magnificent but he had a sad life story. No one appreciated his new type of artwork. He called himself a Impressionist. That is when someone paints what they are feeling. When he was a boy he didn't want to be a artist, he tried so many different jobs, but they didn't work out. The last job he tried out was to be a preacher like his father, but as usual he wasn't fascinated.

Then he decided that he wanted to be an artist. So his first painting had a table with 5-6 people who were poor and they only had 4 potatoes to eat. Then after a while he moved to Paris and stayed there with his brother Theo. A couple of years later he moved to Arles. He stayed there with his old friend called Paul Gaugin.

One day they had such a bad argument that Van Gough cut his ear off!! His last ever painting was called Crows in the Wheat field, then when he finished it he shot himself.
This is the painting I done of his most popular painting called Starry night.


  1. Talofa lava Selena
    I liked how you talked about van gogh and how his life was. I just want to ask you a question I want ask you. When you grow up would you like to be a Artist?
    Well bye for now .

  2. Hi Selena thank you for commenting on my blog and if you want to know who won the game it was room 15 but the second day room 14 won. But what a cool picture of yourself drawing.


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