Thursday, March 25, 2010


A Pukeko is a native New Zealand bird. Some of it's feathers at the back are a greenish glittery gloss ,which shines in the sun. The feathers at the front of a Pukeko is a deep iridescent blue. People don't know this, but there is a batch of white feathers hidden under the tail. When danger appears the feathers erupt from under the tail. This is a sign of warning to all the birds. The beak, legs and eyes are a bright scarlet.

Unlike any other native New Zealand bird the Pukeko can run really fast on land. This is because they have long, stringy legs. Flying is quite a difficulty for the Pukeko because they aren't use to flying, but a remarkable thing is , is that once a Pukeko flew 240 km from where it lived.

The Pukekos enemies are the Ferret, stoat and weasel. These animals are all from the same family, because they are all viscous little predators. Their skin colors are a golden brown. They all have little canes that stick out of their mouths. The surprising thing is , is that people are it's enemies too. People shoot pukekos during duck shooting season.

I think that people should stop shooting Pukekos and start respecting them as a native New Zealand bird.

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  1. Talofa lava Selena,

    I really liked your post on Pukekos . Yes we should stop killing the native bird. I really like how you are putting the word out there now! Tino pai! Do pukekos fly? WOW that is amazing I never knew that untill now.

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