Monday, March 15, 2010

Amazing D'Wayne Edwards Video conference.

" Oh my gosh" I said to my friends. "We are really having a video conference with D'Wayne Edwards , the NIKE shoe DESIGNER". I was so excited, my heart was pumping so loudly I couldn't even hear myself think.

We were on live and there were 32 viewers. I was staring at the screen just waiting for him to come on stage. First Carol Anne said a introduction about what she does and how she made this collaboration. Just then everyone clapped and out he came.

He told us about what his specialty was and who he creates NIKE shoes for. He told us he created most of Michael Jordan's shoes and I thought that it was Amazing and guess what, he told us that his garage was full of NIKE shoes!!! The most remarkable thing is that he created the 2nd Air Jordan 2!!! I just couldn't believe it when he told us. He even told us that he created a high heel shoe.

When it was 4:30 we had to go home. To see what it was like I have a Video to show you how the Video conference went.


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  1. Hey Serena
    I really appreciate your enthusiasm about this very cool learning experience. I thought it was really amazing and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.


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