Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beach Adventurer!!!

The sun was beaming down on us. Lucky the weather was good, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to go. If an aeroplane was flying above us, We would’ve been mistaken for a huge army of red ants. I looked up and saw a stunning scenery before me. The sun was making the water glisten, It looked beautiful. It was Friday the 24th, and the whole school was walking to the beach. It was Picnic day!

“Here, Let’s sit over here! Toreka said. Looking over, I saw her laying out her miniature mat out. I heard Seini-Mino ask her: “Are you sure we can all fit on it?”. “Well umm...Let’s just try to!” Toreka replied. As we put our bags down on the mat, Seini-Mino suggested “Should we play kicks?” “Ok!” I replied back enthusiastically.

Catching the ball, It was my turn to kick. Holding the ball in my hands, I gave it my full concentration. Counting down, 3, 2, 1...Kick!! I said to myself. The ball flew off into the distance. “LENA!!!” Mino screamed. “Woops?” I replied sympathetically. Suddenly I heard a grumble. Was it the clouds? No, Was it a dog? No, It stomach. I just realised that I was craving for food.

Grabbing my lunch from my bag, I viciously ripped the packet off, and shoved the bar into my mouth. Adding to that I grabbed my drink and squeezed the cordial into my mouth. Feeling the yummy goodness slide down my throat was a great feeling. “Ahhh, that’s better!” I said. Then Mino, Toreka and I made our way back to the field to play kicks.

“ Aidan give it back!!!” I whined. “Nah, You have to play rugby with us!!” He replied. Mino, Toreka and I had a little conversation, then we came to a verdict. “Fine!” Mino screamed. As we made our way to play with the boys, I looked up, and saw that dark grey clouds were blanketing the sky.

My heart was pumping, My legs were aching, but I had to keep going. The try line was in sight, and I was nearly there. “Almost there, Keep going, and....TRY!!!” Falling to the ground, my heart was pumping but I was also relieved. I had gotten a try, It felt so good. Glancing to the left I saw Mr Harris packing up the poles. I knew we had to go.

While we were packing up our stuff, I was dying for a drink. For the first time in my life I think my tongue was dry. Then Mino saved me, She had a drink in her bag, and she was willing to share. I gulped down as much as I could drink, “Ahh” I breathed a sigh of relief.

I didn’t want that day to end. It was a good day to spend time with your Family and Friends. My highlight of the day was spending time with my big brother Sam before he went to Australia. This day was great, to bad this is my last year here at Pt England.


  1. Hi Selena,
    I love how you have inserted the photo. Is that the Pt England reserve? Sounds like you had a fabulous day with your school mates. I love how you scored a try! Well done. I look forward to reading more of your updates.
    God bless xox

  2. Hi Selena.
    Really good and interesting writing you have done!! you guys must've had so much fun, I wish I was there I really miss pt england!!

    keep up the good work!



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