Friday, March 23, 2012

Box Fit!

Angry was the emotion I felt. Before this I was a happy, cheerful girl but someone made that all change. I punched the targets hard. I could feel sweat run down my face. I knew my left punches were weak but that didn't matter, I was taking my anger out on the targets. Feeling sorry for Athena I eased down on the punches because I had a strange feeling that I was hitting her. It was Tuesday, and my team were at Box Fit.


  1. Hey Selena,

    I never knew you were capable of fighting or even had the strength to punch. I'm not the best at fighting but it was a good experience wasn't it? I loved the way you structured this piece of writing and used a variety of good vocab. Keep up the great work my friend..


  2. Hello Selena,

    I really like the way you wrote your piece of writing with strong vocabulary. Going to box fit was a lot of fun wasn't it? Keep up your wonderful work Selena.


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