Friday, March 16, 2012


Surfing the net is hard work, especially when you have a limit to the things you need. What was I looking for? Well I was looking for a simple scone recipe. Why? Because at Camp, we have different activities, and I was at cooking!

“So 3 cups of flour...” said Elizabeth. Adding the flour was a messy job since everything was flying all over the place. I carried the bowl that contained the ingredients to a separate table, so I could mix the mixture. Mixing it was a sticky job. Lifting my hand up out of the bowl, it revealed a sticky substance stuck to my hand. “Time to roll out the dough!”.

Kneading the dough in the flour was hard, because the dough needed to be the right consistency. I grabbed the rolling pin, and started to roll the dough out to about 2 cm high. Grabbing the knife I started cutting the dough into fat pieces, and lay them out onto the tray. They are going into the oven now!

A few minutes later, I was running down to the hall kitchen in despair. Why? Well that is because the boys in my group warned me that my scones were burning, “ON NO!!!” I ran into the hall kitchen, and I felt a warm heatwave rush past me. In a hurry I opened the oven, when I saw the sight I was angry. “THEY WEREN’T EVEN BURNT!!!” I screamed. Steam ran out of my ears, I thought that I was going to punch something, but then I realised that they were perfectly cooked, so I took them back to the street.

I was smearing the butter and jam onto the scones. Watching the butter melt on them was making my mouth water. I took my first bite into it, and it was amazing, If I say so myself.


  1. Your scones were definitely amongst the best ones made. Luckily they didn't get burnt. Everyone definitely appreciated them with jam and cream for afternoon tea. Good cooking!
    Mrs Nua

  2. Hi Selena,
    Your story sounds mouth-watering! I like all the expression you use in your words and all the clever vocabulary you use in your story it is amazing. I didn't know we had your scones for morning tea, by the way they were FANTASTIC! Keep up the good cooking Selena.

    From Seini-Mino


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