Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Concert time!!!

This was it. All of our hard work was finally leading up to this moment. As my team entered the hall, I could feel tension and nervousness in the air around me. Glancing around I saw campers anxiously waiting to perform. As I sat down, my heart was pounding so hard that I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. Camp Concert was about to begin.

Watching the other teams perform felt a little threatening because they were stunning . Suddenly Mr Barks announced the next crew “THE RESPECTRONICS!!”. My heart was pounding really fast. Walking onto the stage, I looked out into the audience and I heard cheering. The song began and we started grooving to the music.

During the performance, it was Tui’s and my turn to go down the middle of the line. Tui didn’t want to go, so I figured I would take one for the team. As I was halfway down the middle the music suddenly stopped. I was so embarrassed because the whole hall broke down in a fit of hysterical laughter. My cheeks went bright red and it felt like they were burning. That was the most embarrassing moment of my life....so far.

A little while later it was decision time. The whole hall went completely silent. Mr Barks was reading out the results. “In 6th place with a total of 100 points is the...._______! I was stunned. We didn’t see that coming! Then I was sure that my group was going to come 5th. “In 5th place with a total of 150 points are the...._____!” Now I was really happy. Surprisingly we didn’t come 4th either. Now these were the big results. “In 3rd place with a total of 250 points are the ...RESPECTORZ!!!” .To be honest I found that shocking, I thought we were going to come 3rd. Since Mr Barks didn’t see the point in announcing 2nd place, so they just moved right along to 1st place. “In 1st place with a total of 350 points is the...RESPECT CREW!!!” All you could see were the Respect Crew rejoicing in their win. “Well better than last” I said to myself.

Even though we didn’t win the ultimate prize Miracle and I were exceptionally proud of our group for displaying great facials and energy throughout our performance. At the start of Camp concert I was sure we were going to come last, but we ended up coming 2nd. That just goes to show: always have faith in your team.

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  1. Bravo!!!! what a camp concert congratulation on coming 2ND you guys were better then my group RESPECTORZ!!!!! well see you at school.

    Keep up the awesome writing from your mate Joe


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